25 Things You Should
Know About Dating

  1. The longer you wait to make the first kiss, the less likely it’ll happen. If you haven’t kissed by the third date, your chances drop significantly.
  2. You can be intimate on the first date and still create a healthy relationship.
  3. The friend zone happens when there’s a lack of sexual attraction. To avoid it: show your intentions from the start, be more aggressive, flirt, and initiate physical contact.
  4. All the lines or routines in the world won’t help if you aren’t confident from the inside.
  5. Dating is a numbers game. The guys who are best with women are the ones willing to put themselves on the line as often as possible.
  6. Body language and non-verbal communication will make or break your first impression. Stand tall, relax your shoulders, walk with self-assurance, give strong eye contact, and smile.
  7. Your vocal tone and quality conveys a lot about you, so develop a strong speaking voice. Learn diaphragmatic breathing, speak from your chest (diaphragm), project your voice, talk slower, and enunciate clearly.
  8. Forget trying to come up with the perfect opening line. A simple “Hey, what’s up?” or “Hi, you looked cool and I wanted to introduce myself” is enough. It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it.
  9. An attractive lifestyle will do more for your dating life than almost anything else will. If you’re surrounded by positive people and interesting experiences, she’ll be excited to be a part of that.
  10. Take pride in how you look, your appearance matters. Your sparkling personality won’t stand a chance if she’s too distracted by your mullet. At a minimum: wear fitted clothes, get a decent haircut, and keep yourself groomed. Also, diet and exercise will improve your overall look, health, mood, and energy levels.
  11. You don’t have to be a jerk to be successful in dating. The whole “nice guys finish last” saying is a big misconception. The guys who don’t get anywhere are afraid of taking charge, showing their intentions, and being sexual – it has nothing to do with being nice.
  12. Cyndi Lauper was right – girls just want to have fun. If you’re not making her laugh, you’re not building attraction and putting her at ease. A little humor goes a long way.
  13. Your fears are the only things holding you back from success. Overcome the fear of rejection, intimacy, failure, and being sexual and everything else in your dating life will fall into place.
  14. Women love sex as much as we do, if not more. They aren’t reading Twilight for the compelling dialogue; they’re reading it for the sex (or the build-up to it.)
  15. The majority of women want a dominant partner in bed. Be more aggressive, get vocal, talk dirty, and show her how much you want her. She’ll be turned on knowing that she drives you crazy. Which leads me to…
  16. A woman orgasms when she’s stimulated both physically and mentally. Your techniques aren’t worth much if she isn’t emotionally invested in the moment. Focus on getting her hot in the mind, too.
  17. Social calibration comes with experience. If you don’t know what to say, you need more practice to develop your emotional intelligence. Soon enough you’ll become comfortable in various situations and the words will come naturally.
  18. Girls are going to back out on plans, cancel at the last moment, or even not respond after giving out their number, it’s inevitable. There’s a million reasons why it could happen so don’t beat yourself up trying to figure out why. Accept it, move on, and find someone who wants to be with you.
  19. Honesty is always the best policy. Don’t cover up who you are or it will come back to bite you. If a woman doesn’t want to be with the real you, why would you want to date her in the first place?
  20. Become a passionate man, it’s incredibly sexy. Discover the things you love and pursue them actively. Women don’t care what you’re passionate about, just that you’re passionate about something.
  21. Focus on the learning experience, not on the end result. You should genuinely enjoy interacting with women; sex is an extension of the fun you’re already having together.
  22. Listen to women and be in the conversation, not stuck in your own head. Relate back to her, share your own interests or stories, and learn to open up. Dating is about connecting on an emotional level.
  23. Confidence is the universal attractive quality. A confident gentleman who goes after what he wants, stands up for himself, and isn’t afraid to flirt or get physical will always make an impact on women of all types.
  24. Talk to everyone, it’s the fastest way to build your social skills. Start approaching girls you encounter in your daily activities – don’t limit yourself to the bar or club scene.
  25. Being good with women is just like learning to ride a bike. You’re going to get nervous, you’re going to struggle, you’re going to get frustrated, and you’re going to fall. But if you pick yourself up again, you will eventually get it. And once you do, those skills will stay with you forever.

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