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Let’s have a free, 100% confidential phone or Skype consultation (up to 30 minutes) to discuss how we can work together.

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On the call, I’ll get a better understanding of your needs, goals, and what’s been holding you back. From there, I can offer the best coaching game plan to get the results you’re looking for.

There’s NO pressure to commit. I want you to feel excited and see the value in tackling these challenges together.


Analyze your sticking points. I’ll help you understand what’s holding you back with women.


Design a plan of action. Concrete advice that gets you the girls you want.


Use my experience. Apply my years of knowledge as a dating coach in the real world.


1-on-1 support. I work hard for you every step of the way to achieve your specific goals.

What My Clients Have To Say

“Working with Nick was a great decision. The coaching was also highly personalized and I felt like Nick knew me and understood me. He tells you exactly what you need to hear in the best way possible and teaches you how to not only get better at dating but also challenge your irrational, negative-self talk that’s holding you back.” Ron — West Chester, PA


“You opened my eyes to see that it is not about the girls, but about myself. Realizing that made me stop looking for validation from women. Your tips on approaching and flirting helped me practice this and being a fun and happy person. The way you helped me deal with my problems with an ex also helped me become comfortable in my own skin.” Dom — Netherlands

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How I Can Help You

Nick Notas Services

How many meaningful connections could you have if you talked to anyone you found interesting?

How free would you feel if you had the skills to express your authentic self and watch people fall in love with you?

What if you didn’t have that nagging self-doubt or overwhelming anxiety controlling your actions?

These are the problems I set out to solve 15 years ago. Because through my own struggles, I realized that you can’t lead a fulfilling life if you’re filled with fear and regret.

I help men build lasting self-esteem and powerful mindsets to unlock their inner potential. I teach them the romantic and social skills to attract the women they desire. I show them how to naturally present their most charismatic self.

They become the man everyone wants to be around. But more importantly, they become happy.

I do this all without bullshit lines, misogynistic tactics, or disrespect for women. I believe there’s an ethical way to personal development that not only works but gets better results than any shortcut.

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Who’s my coaching for?


I work with smart men who’ve built great careers. They often take care of their physical health and work out regularly. They may have close male friendships they value.

They’re awesome guys who’ve just accepted that they want more.

More control over their romantic lives. More skills to be fun and engaging in conversation with new people. More confidence to talk to and flirt with beautiful women. More healthy relationships to make them feel worthy and connected.

For this coaching to work for you, you have to see this as a healthy pursuit.

You’ve got to accept that there’s nothing wrong with wanting to be a stronger man. You know that if you become a more assertive, playful, and communicative person — women want that, too. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Henry“I became the best version of myself, tremendously improved my social skills, dated many beautiful, smart and fun girls and started a serious relationship with a wonderful one.

Nick’s coaching will push you to make efforts to improve yourself and meet your goals. He gave me a much deeper understanding on how to approach relationships and dating.”

Henry, San Jose, CA

Why work with me?


I’ve coached thousands of men worldwide to conquer their anxieties and gain lasting social confidence. Many of my clients found their girlfriends or wives, landed their dream jobs, and became truly confident in themselves.

Honestly, though…

You don’t “need” me. And I’d never want a client to feel like they’re hopeless without me.

Because there is more than enough information both on my site and in the world to provide you real growth.

But that’s not why people hire me as their dating coach.

You should hire me because you want an expert to pinpoint your hurdles and accelerate the growth process.

My clients want my:

  • Experience. I use my 15 years as a coach to figure out exactly what advice and actions are going to achieve your goals in the fastest, least stressful ways possible.
  • Tailored feedback. I provide customized exercises and ongoing insight to make the best of your situations. The right advice can make or break important moments and connections.
  • Accountability. I support and motivate you to keep you on track. With new material and fresh ideas to practice — you will get the consistency required to build strong, healthy habits.

I set my clients up to become self-reliant and able to continue growing on their own.

I like working with men who are ready to better themselves and make positive, lasting changes in their lives.

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What do my clients learn from my coaching?


My clients come to me for many reasons. Their focus often revolves around gaining self-confidence, approaching and attracting women, sharpening their social skills, overcoming sexual shame or inexperience, being a leader, making new friends, and maintaining healthy relationships.

I coach them how to:

  • Make unforgettable first impressions with beautiful women anytime, anywhere
  • Utilize strong body language and eye contact that naturally attracts people
  • Be a charming conversationalist who always knows what to say
  • Get phone numbers that actually turn into dates
  • Flirt naturally to create powerful sexual connections
  • Build real, lasting confidence through vulnerability
  • Overcome insecure “nice guy” qualities that turn people off
  • Create an interesting lifestyle and expand your social circle
  • Conquer your approach anxiety and approach people genuinely
  • Develop long-lasting relationships built on trust and respect
  • Get control over negative emotions like fear, anxiety, jealousy, anger, and resentment
  • Make the whole learning process a fun and awesome experience

Greg“Nick pulls back that veil and cuts through the bullshit to not only give you clear, manageable, actionable advice, but an understanding of how and why that advice can make a difference in your life. He won’t give you that perfect pickup line or any magic formula, but what he can give you is a sense of understanding, direction, and above all, control over your own fate.”

Greg T, Philadelphia, PA

How does the coaching process work?

Nick Notas Coaching Process

I speak to everyone for a free consultation before working together (via phone or Skype).

I want to fully understand your needs, goals, and what’s been holding you back. That way, you can also get to know me so we both ensure that we’re a good fit.

I coach guys with an open mind, respect for women, and a good heart. And I want them to be ready for the next journey in their development.

That’s why I will never pressure you into any program I don’t feel is right for you. I also don’t use scarcity tactics or manipulation to convince anyone to work with me. I hope to show you enough understanding that you’re 100% excited on your own to proceed.

If you’re ready from there, we can discuss coaching options together. I customize each package to the specific client.

I offer remote coaching via phone or Skype with email and text coaching support.

I offer in-person coaching in the Boston area and worldwide with clients paying for travel and accommodations.

Being someone you can trust is of the utmost importance to me. I retain relationships with my clients for years after our work together. Some of them even invite me to their weddings, parties, and special events.

They know I care deeply about my work and bust my ass for them. I’d love to do the same for you so let’s have a chat.

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Mark“Nick gave me great advice on how to ask out a girl I had been good friends with for a while. I decided to pull the trigger and go for it. We ended up dating for a few very happy years and she is now my fiance!

We are getting married in September and we could not be happier. Nick’s advice was just what I needed to hear to gain the confidence to man up and be honest with both her and myself.

Thank you so much, man! You are amazing at what you do and I hope you continue to help others as you have helped me.”

Mark D, Naperville, IL