Breaking News:
Women Think About Sex, Too

Yes, it’s true…our sources have confirmed that women do, in fact, think about sex.

What’s even more astonishing is that it seems they actually enjoy sexual intercourse with partners they like and trust. This breaking news has sent shockwaves throughout the internet community.

In all seriousness, I’m writing this article because of a consistent problem guys have been asking me for help with. “I’ve been hanging out with this girl for X time (weeks, months, even years) and nothing has happened. What am I doing wrong?” Then when I ask them how often they flirt, they hesitate and usually say “Never.”

Excuses, excuses — the moment isn’t right, they don’t want to screw things up, they don’t want to be a pervert, they’d rather let it happen “naturally”, or they want her to make the first move.  A bunch of reasons why they haven’t created sexual chemistry and have tried every way possible to avoid it.

Guys, if you want a girl to think of you as more than a friend and be attracted to you, you’ve got to make the moves.

Sex Is On Women’s Minds

The most popular women’s magazines are flooded with front page headlines like “10 Ways to Make Him Explode” and “How to Have Hotter Sex Now!” The most popular selling-books are romance novels that go into detail about how the man takes the woman in a passionate session.

All Twilight does is create an insane amount of sexual tension for young women!

Unless she’s a virgin (and even then often times), she thinks about sex on a regular basis. And if she’s had it before, she’s been in the throes of ecstasy, with bodies sweating and voices screaming with pleasure.

Sex is primal and dirty in all the beautiful ways. She’s not the innocent flower you have built up in your head.

What separates a friendship from a romantic relationship? Intimacy.

Before a woman is going to consider you as a romantic partner she needs to feel that visceral attraction. She needs to experience the sexual chemistry and tension that drives her wild. She needs to imagine you together and things heating up.

Bottom line: she needs to think about having sex with you.

You want to start having more success with women? Then you can’t be afraid of getting a little flirtatious.

You can’t be afraid of hitting on her and telling her how sexy she looks. You have to be comfortable touching women in a more intimate way, getting closer to them, teasing them, and heating things up. You have to get her emotions stirring.

If you don’t show your interest in women, you aren’t going to get very far in dating. Don’t treat the girls you like as just another friend. Embrace your sexual side as a man.

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