50 Signs Of A
Confident Man

Let’s face it, confidence is the most attractive quality in a man.

For most women, a man with a strong head on his shoulders is more important than superficial factors like looks or money. I know it’s hard to believe, but it’s true.

After years of working on myself, I’ve realized that there are a lot of misconceptions of what makes a guy confident.

Some think arrogance plays a part, some believe it’s about physical strength, and others imagine a guy who isn’t afraid to get into a fight with anyone who challenges them. In reality, none of those fit the bill.

Here are the actual signs of a confident man.

A confident man…

Knows to apologize when he’s wrong

Speaks the truth and doesn’t go back on his word

Isn’t worried about his girlfriend’s past dating history

Doesn’t need to put people down to make himself feel better

Gives back to others because he genuinely wants to

Is assertive and actively goes after what he wants in life

Knows how to be a gentleman and treat a woman like a lady

Takes responsibility for his actions and doesn’t blame others

Approaches a beautiful woman even when he’s nervous

Has many interests and is passionate about them

Makes the woman he’s with feel sexy and desirable

Takes the initiative to ask for her number or invite her on a date

Leads with charisma and self-assurance

Doesn’t take advantage or prey on those weaker than him

Stands up for his values and what he believes in

Has his emotions under control and keeps his cool even in the most tense situations

Embraces his sexual side and enjoys flirting

Smiles often and brightens other people’s day

Speaks slowly, clearly, and with purpose

Gets excited to meet new people and personalities

Communicates with his partner and doesn’t shut down

Expresses his feelings openly instead of making passive-aggressive comments

Isn’t afraid to disagree but doesn’t have to start an argument

Has a proactive outlook on life and radiates positive energy

Enjoys going on adventures and trying new things

Doesn’t have to brag or boast to feel important

Gives strong eye contact when talking

Avoids negative self-talk and doesn’t tear himself down

Makes the tough decisions when he has to

Is comfortable and non-judgemental about female sexuality

Sees failure as an opportunity to learn and grow from

Allows others to save face when they slip up

He respects and considers the opinions of others but doesn’t seek their approval

Tries to prevent unnecessary drama and fights in his relationship

Isn’t selfish and shares what he has with others

Creates sexual tension through physical contact and goes for the kiss

Avoids jumping to conclusions and making unwarranted assumptions

Is open-minded about new ideas and gives them a fair chance

Stands tall, with his shoulders relaxed, and head held high

Enjoys a good challenge and the process to overcome it

Isn’t jealous, controlling, or needy in his relationships

Has a great sense of humor and knows how to make people laugh

Always protects those closest to him

Expands his comfort zone on a regular basis

Is a skilled lover and knows how to give a woman incredible orgasms

Encourages others to succeed and is excited for their accomplishments

Doesn’t guilt trip or manipulate his partner to get what he wants

Is polite, has manners, and understands social etiquette

Tries to look his best because he values himself

Accepts criticism and doesn’t take things personally

Is happy with himself and doesn’t hide who he really is

So how about it, are you feeling confident?

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