How To Look Confident
A Girl

Note: This is a follow-up of Friday’s article: The Best Pickup Lines Aren’t Spoken. Please check that out to better understand this post.

The famous phrase “You can talk the talk but can you walk the walk?” applies perfectly to how you approach a girl.

As I stated previously, what you say won’t matter if your non-verbal signals convey something different. Luckily, looking more confident just takes some effort and repetition until it becomes a true part of you.

Work on the following four points and you’ll notice a big impact on the responses you get from women.

Smile Warmly

Nothing makes a stronger first impression than a genuine smile. It exudes positive energy, is non-threatening, and shows you’ve got guts.

It kills me when I see a guy with a blank or serious expression approach a girl.

A girl wants to be with a guy she can have fun with. She won’t be able to relax and enjoy herself if you seem nervous or tense. And if you don’t smile, you can’t expect her to reciprocate.

Use Strong Eye Contact

Confident men hold good eye contact.

When you constantly look down or dart your eyes anxiously, you’re going to make her un-easy, too. Be boldly honest and communicate your interest through locking eyes with her. She’ll find you more trustworthy and intriguing.

Challenge yourself to make more regular eye contact with people throughout the day. Soon you’ll have no problem applying this to situations with women.

Develop a Clear and Powerful Voice

Slow down and speak clearly. Nearly everyone talks too fast and believes that if they aren’t rushing, the girl will get bored. It’s actually the opposite.

A girl can’t build a connection with you if she’s struggling to understand what you’re saying. Speak with purpose — it draws her in and hides any nervousness you’re feeling.

Learn to project from your diaphragm and not from your throat. You will have a more powerful, resonant, and attractive voice.

Start by practicing diaphragmatic breathing, it takes a few days to get familiar with it. When you’re using the right muscles, your real voice will begin to come through.

Display Self-Assured Body Language

Stand up straight, shoulders back, and head up. Move smoothly and deliberately. This means means less fidgeting, no sudden movements, and no awkward shuffling back and forth.

Open body language is friendly, so don’t be afraid to talk with your hands.

Using gestures in a conversation keeps things interesting and shows that you’re passionate and personable. It’ll only be natural for you to progress and extend those gestures into touching her (such as on the shoulder or back.) Just be careful to keep your hands below chest level.

Remember, you don’t have to get overwhelmed and try to do this all at once. What worked for me was to first focus on one or two points that I needed improvement on. I saw a difference right away and it became easier to add in the rest.

The only way to get better is to get started.

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