How To Save A Girl
From A Bad Relationship

I’ve heard the story dozens of times.

You like a girl who constantly complains about her horrible boyfriend. He does everything wrong.

He doesn’t listen. He doesn’t pay enough attention. He’s rude and can be a real jerk. 

You’re different, though. She tells you that you’re the perfect guy. You’re the one who’s always there for her.

Sometimes, you may even be her cuddle buddy and take her out when her boyfriend doesn’t.

The answer is so obvious — she should be with you instead! You’re the guy who will treat her right, if only she could see that.

So you try to comfort her and convince her to leave him. You tell her that everything will be better. Her friends and parents say the same thing.

When you ask her about leaving him, she tells you, “It’s complicated.” She says, “it’s not the right time” — usually because her boyfriend is going through a rough patch. They have a history together. It’s always going to happen “next week” or “soon.”

But for some reason…she never breaks it off.

Why Doesn’t She Leave?

It’s because deep down she doesn’t want to. She’s not ready, at least not yet.

It’s almost always because she’s still attracted to him. She still has romantic feelings. She’s been with him for years and they have a history together.

What she’s missing with him is a stable, emotional connection. And how convenient, you’re there to fulfill her emotional needs by being her shoulder to cry on. In the meantime, she’ll continue having sex with her boyfriend that she “hates” so much.

The harsh truth is, she desires him more than you. If she wanted you so bad, she’d be dating and hooking up with you instead.

She’s Not The Victim You Think She Is

She’s not a victim just because she’s dating a so-called “jerk”. She willingly chose to be with him, and every day chooses to stay with him. 

No matter how many times she comes running to you crying, she still runs back into his arms. 

So please, don’t delude yourself into believing she’s an innocent damsel in distress. She’s equally responsible for the drama-filled relationship, too.

However, the exception is when she really is a victim of abuse. If she fears for her safety, she’ll go to the police with you and get a restraining order. But if she always puts off taking any action, she’s not committed to leaving him.

She has friends, family, and you, all encouraging her to move on. If she wanted to walk away, she would.

Stop Being The Knight In Shining Armor

I’ve never seen a girl switch to the guy she’s been crying to.

You are not positioning yourself as a sexual prospect. You are not turning her on in a romantic way. You are the guy she can count on to console her. You’re trying to “nice” your way into her pants.

Attraction doesn’t work like that. It’s an emotion she needs to feel around you.

You build attraction by flirting. By being fun and adventurous. By leading and being assertive with your intentions. By creating a sexual dynamic between the two of you.

It’s great that you care and want to be an emotional support. But if you ever want women to desire you as an intimate partner, you need to be a lover first and foremost. Only then can you be there for her when she needs it.

So I Ask You…Why Her?

Why are you chasing this specific girl? Because she’s so incredible and better than every other option out there?

If you answered yes, I’m calling bullshit.

You want a girl who stays with a man who treats her like crap? Who badmouths her own partner to other people? Worst of all…who cheats on her boyfriend?

Because that’s what she’s doing. She’s emotionally cheating on him with you. And if she’s ever done anything romantic with you (cuddle or kissed), she’s physically cheating, too.

Would that guy would be fine knowing that his girlfriend is pouring her heart out to another guy? Or that she’s been trash-talking him behind his back?

Hell no!

So what does that say about her? What does that say about you?

Right now, she’s not acting like a high-quality woman. She’s not a catch. She’s not in a good place if she does all these things.

She needs time to grow. Because, guess what? Even if by some miracle you two got together, she’s probably going to end up doing the same thing to you.

So, the real reasons why you’re chasing her are:

  1. You’re willing to settle for less. You don’t value yourself or have a high level of self-respect.
  2. You think she’s hot and are afraid you won’t get the chance with another girl as physically attractive.
  3. You’re protecting your ego. You’ve invested so much in this girl and can’t bear to lose her. You have to win, otherwise you see yourself as a failure.

All of these come from a place of neediness. And they’re all unhealthy ways to start a relationship.

There are so many attractive women in the world, stop living with a desperate mentality. You’re not less if you don’t get this girl. You’re less if you’re obsessing over a low-quality woman who doesn’t respect herself.

And unfortunately, you’re probably more interested in the idea of her rather than her.

What Do You Do Now?

I know from experience that most of you still won’t give up on this girl. Every time I give this kind of advice, guys acknowledge it, and then ask…

“Okay, you’re right. But…do you still think there’s a chance? Is there anything I can do to get her?”

Maybe you think she’s just misunderstood and needs to experience a great guy. Maybe you think this time will be different. Maybe you think she’s different.

Alright, well…

You’ve probably already told her you want to be with her, right? And even if you haven’t, she knows you want her. She’s not stupid.

She also knows by now how she feels about you. She knows if she’d ever be romantic with you. So stop thinking about how to convince her to break it off. 

The only person who can make her leave is her. She has to decide that’s what she truly wants to do. Trying to convince her before she’s at that point is hopeless. She’ll say, “You’re so right…” and then keep going back to him.

The only person who’s going to lose out is you. You’ll be wasting your time and energy on an unavailable girl. You’re going to become frustrated and resentful.

So the only things you can do are…

  1. See if she’s actually interested in you. Invite her out alone with you. Flirt, touch, and if she responds wellgo for a kiss. If she’s even remotely interested, she’ll kiss you back.But, this means she’d be cheating on her boyfriend. Ask yourself, is this the way you want to start a relationship with her?
  2. Move on if she’s not. If she doesn’t kiss you or you don’t want to start a relationship with cheating, focus on the countless other attractive women that are out there.This girl knows you like her. If she breaks up with her boyfriend and wants to be with you, she can choose to do so.

So if you didn’t get it by now…

It’s not your responsibility to save a girl from a bad relationship. She needs to save herself first. 

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