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How To Deal With Jerks
While Talking To Women

Bullies are everywhere. They assert their dominance and tear others down to compensate for their own insecurities.

Unfortunately, in the pursuit of meeting more women, you inevitably encounter more “douchebags”. This is especially true in bars, parties, and clubs

They could be jealous friend-zoned male acquaintances. They could be guys who are frustrated to see you approaching women when they lack the courage to do it themselves.

Or, they could be guys who do approach, but see you as a potential threat to their chances.

Online advice typically encourages treating these guys like fools and bullying them back. Either you make fun/embarrass them or demonstrate “alpha” traits and use the girl as a prop (touching her intimately, etc).

I don’t recommend these methods and here’s why:

How Secure Men Deal With Insecure Men

You are a man of high value. Why should you stoop to their level?

You’re better than that and their insecurities are already obvious. Plus, this often turns into a pissing match and can escalate to physical violence.

Over the years, I’ve seen too many fights started by men retaliating. Especially in alcohol-induced settings, there are dudes just looking to pick a fight.

I watched a guy literally get his teeth kicked in and hair torn out outside of a bar because he argued back. Is a disfigured face worth it? No.

Here are the 3 steps I put into practice to deal with a hostile guy:

1. Kill him with kindness.

The best solution is to be polite and courteous. Introduce yourself. You don’t need to be fake and compliment him, just show you’re a friendly person.

This does two things:

  1. Bamboozles him. It’s hard to continue being an asshole to someone when they’re being nice to you.
  2. Makes him look bad. Again, if you’re being polite and he’s repeatedly a dick, any self-respecting woman (or group of people) will see him as the negative force.

If it’s a girl you’ve just met and he’s her friend, you’re going to have to win him over. Even if he’s being unfair, she’s obligated to stick with him as a friend.

If he doesn’t ease off, you can’t do much except end the interaction gracefully:

“I’m sorry we couldn’t have met under better circumstances. You seem really cool, I’d love to take you out sometime.” Exchange numbers and wish her a good night.

Otherwise, if he’s a stranger, have a brief chat with him and then go back to her. By then he’ll hopefully have cooled off and realized you aren’t going to indulge him.

That’s often enough to get him to walk away but if not, move on to the next step.

2. Politely shut him out or ignore him.

If he’s persistent, turn your body language away from him and towards her. Your back or side should be facing him while you continue to converse with her.

If she’s engaging you, he’ll start to feel awkwardly left out.

Don’t re-open conversation with him at this point. As he tries to interject, keep talking to her. Again, if she plays along, he’s going to realize he’s unwanted and lost the battle.

But what if he still doesn’t walk away?

3. Lead and relocate with her.

Suggest going somewhere else with her. You can whisper to her “Let’s grab a drink/fresh air/seat somewhere else.” or “This guy’s being a creeper, let’s move over there.”

As long as she accepts your proposal, she’s on your side and you can cut him out.

This doesn’t make you weak, it makes you a mature adult. And a quality woman doesn’t play into those games or want you to start a fight.

Remember, don’t let these guys phase you. Never let them bring your night down or take their attacks personally.

It’s not about you; it’s them projecting their own faults onto you. Smile, stay positive, and focus on having a fun time with her.

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