The Biggest Mistake Guys Make
When Entering A Relationship

Relationships, even casual ones, shouldn’t be thought of as a “game” to be won. You should be forging a real connection between two human beings.

I’ve watched too many men stumble onto dating or self-improvement advice and see it as a temporary solution. They think “Oh cool, I’m going to learn some tricks and techniques to get a woman.” They read some tips, apply them in the real world, and find a girl they like.

Then they think, “Victory! I did it. She’s hooking up with me, my work is done.”

They mistake their previous insights as a quick means to land a girl and not to become a better man. They stop trying so hard, they stop challenging themselves, and they stop growing. They get lazy — especially as time goes on.

Then it hits. The girl they felt was so into them suddenly walks away. They feel blindsided and devastated.

What They Don’t Understand Is That…

If you want to keep a quality woman, you have to become a quality man. And you have to do it for yourself, because you want to. There’s no other way around it.

Relationships require consistent effort, dedication, and self-love. That means you should:

And so much more.

The reality is….

You can’t fake being a confident, attractive man — at least not for long. Your true self is always being revealed and it’s only a matter of time before women see it.

Your personal development doesn’t end once you get the girl, it only just begins. Get a head start and make the commitment now.

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