The Newbie’s Guide
To The Dance Floor

The dance floor is a place where some men just don’t go. It’s too crowded, too silly, too loud, and simply not their “scene.” Sound familiar?

Clubs are some of the only places where you can let loose in your own way and look cool doing it. Even if you’re not a professional dancer, just enjoying yourself is enough to stand out in a positive way.

Is hip-hop not your thing? Go to a rock or industrial club. Want something more intimate? Try salsa or tango.

You can always find a venue that suits your tastes in music, style, and personality.

I promise that if you keep an open mind, you can have a lot of fun.

Don’t Stand Around

I know nerves can make you freeze up, it’s happened to me plenty of times. The best thing to do is walk away from the music, go to the bar area, take a breather, and come back when you’re more at ease.

Standing in the middle of everyone dancing will make you look awkward. That being said…

Start Dancing And Have Fun

Forget what you look like and start moving to the beat, whether by yourself or with your friends. Trust me, if you look like you’re having a great time, your actual moves won’t matter.

Women care more about your energy and positive vibe than anything else. I’ve seen guys dancing ridiculously who still have a swarm of girls laughing around them, just because of their attitude.

Smile And Show Open Body Language

Doing this creates a natural charm that women are drawn to. Remember to have an inviting smile and don’t close yourself off.

You’re not making anyone feel welcome with crossed arms and an uninterested expression.

Make Direct Eye Contact And Approach From The Front

How often have you seen a guy creep over to a girl and start grinding on her from behind? It could work, but it’s better to actually make eye contact when you’re first meeting.

Catch eyes with her and give a genuine smile. This straight-on approach exudes confidence and makes you more attractive.

Initiate The Dance

Here are four good ways to break the ice and start dancing with her:

  • Challenge her — after you meet eyes, do a funny dance move and then point back at her. If she accepts and plays back, you’ve got a strong signal to continue dancing.
  • While looking at each other, dance toward her and reach out your hand as you get closer. If she takes your hand, pull her into you, and groove together.
  • Playfully mimic how she’s dancing and get her laughing.
  • For a girl standing off to the side, go up and ask, “Do you dance?” If she replies yes, you can say, “Awesome, let’s do it!” and take her hand. If she says no, she doesn’t know how, or hesitates, you can respond with, “That’s ok, let me show you.”

Get More Personal

Don’t waste your time with any significant conversation on the dance floor.

Instead, after a few songs, say something like, “I’m thirsty, let’s get a drink.” and lead her off the dance floor. This allows you to properly introduce yourself and get to know each other better. And the chemistry you had earlier will help things go smoothly.

What are you waiting for? Just relax, feel the music, and stay optimistic – it’s contagious. Fist pumping is optional.

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