Forest of Fear

The Year For Fear

Each year you make new resolutions. And each year you’re disappointed by the previous goals you never accomplished.

So what’s holding you back?

Do you procrastinate? Is it too overwhelming? Do you need help but refuse to seek it out?

In my experience, those are symptoms of a deeper struggle — fear.

This year, I want you to focus on the root of the problem. If you can do that, you will set yourself up for consistent success and lasting changes.

I wrote a poem that I hope inspires you all to take this journey.

Another year past
Another year older
Another year of regret
I wish I was bolder

But my world is controlled
By this ineffable being
With a grip so tight
He keeps me from living

His name is fear.

I remain in my comfort zone
I never venture to the unknown
And because of this terror
I am unfulfilled, alone

I cannot live like this any longer.

Now marks the dawn
Of a courageous new plan
For not only a New Year
But to be a new man

This is the year for fear.

I will face rejection
And accept it in stride
Not take things personally
Let go of my pride

I will connect with people regularly
And open my heart
Forgo making excuses
So that I can start

I will speak my mind
And convey how I feel
Stop comparing myself
To everyone’s highlight reel

I will say “yes” to opportunities
And take more chances
When I’m attracted to someone
I’ll be forward with my advances

I have tried running from fear.
I have tried ignoring him.
I have tried pretending he doesn’t exist.
I have tried making him my enemy.

Nothing has worked.

So I’ve finally realized
That for this struggle to end
I must embrace being afraid
For my growth to commence

From this moment on
My worries transcend
I’ll say, “Welcome fear,
you are my friend.”

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