Why Are We
Afraid Of Women?

I know some guys that are virtually fearless.

I’m talking about really tough guys, the type who don’t back down from nearly any situation, regardless of how dangerous it may be.

But for some reason, the only thing that makes them hesitate is the thought of approaching a beautiful woman.

Without getting too philosophical, there’s a growing trend of young men who don’t have the romantic life they want. The big joke on internet communities and online gaming is being “forever alone” and not having a girlfriend.

And it’s because we’re afraid. Afraid of looking stupid, afraid of being laughed at or ridiculed, but mostly, afraid of being rejected.

Self-Protection Delays Success

We would rather play it safe and feel unfulfilled than to take a risk and go after what we desire. The problem is, we’re the only ones that end up losing in these situations. As Wayne Gretzky said, we miss 100% of the shots we don’t take.

A few years ago, I decided to develop the lifestyle I dreamed of, become more social, and meet more women. It was one of the most difficult and simultaneously rewarding choices I have ever made. But I grew more than ever as a person and I became the man I am today. It’s the reason I’m even writing this post right now.

I propose to you, drop your defenses and embrace whatever challenges you may face.

You’ll often find me saying that dating is a numbers game and that’s because it’s the truth.

If you meet one new girl a month, you have a single opportunity to make a connection. If you meet ten new girls a month, you’ve increased your odds dramatically.

Slowly Challenge Yourself To Talk To Everyone

Start simple by making small talk with the working people you encounter daily – cashiers, baristas, and even a stranger holding the door.

Being socially confident is just like building a muscle in the body. The more you exercise it, the more defined, versatile, and natural it is to use.

Soon enough you’ll see how easy and seemingly ordinary it is to strike up conversation. You will be excited to talk and encounter new personalities instead of avoiding them.

And then at an unexpected moment, you’ll notice her.

Maybe quietly drinking her coffee. Maybe picking out fresh vegetables at the market. Maybe standing in line behind you ready to buy an iPhone.

What kind of guy are you going to be?

The guy who wishes he had done something? Or the one who took a chance and put himself on the line?

(Hint: Only the second route leads to the girl of your dreams.)

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