how to tease a girl

10 Playful Teases
That Women Secretly Love

Being from Boston (the city of sarcasm), I’ve always been a teaser at heart. Fortunately, it is a critical aspect of flirting with women.

When done well, teasing can create immense attraction and bring your conversation to the next level. It’s fun and shows her that you’re able to enjoy yourself so she can do the same.

The Art of Rapport

To understand how to tease a girl you must first understand rapport…

Rapport is when two people relate and connect with each other. As you talk about commonalities, share stories, and learn more about one another, you are building that rapport.

These are typically safe conversations.

Flirting is the essence of creating tension and “breaking” rapport. You’re saying something a little edgy. She could tell you to go screw yourself and it’s potentially unsafe (but all great endeavors are risky to begin with!

That’s why before you start teasing, you need to understand how to tease well.

5 Core Rules For Teasing Well

By nature, teasing is jokingly offensive. You’ve got to bust her balls, sarcastically criticize her, and make her feel vulnerable in a lighthearted way.

Just keep in mind these five points:

  1. Make fun of her, not yourself. Self-deprecating, cynical, and negative humor might get a laugh but it won’t get you a date.
  2. Be expressive. Smile, use your hands to gesture, and vary your vocal tonality. At the end of playful phrases, inflect your voice upward. Get passionate and physical. Exaggerate and be absurd at times. Also…laugh with her, damn it!
  3. Ramp it up. Start with something less intense and get more personal as the interaction progresses. You could say something sexual very early on but if she’s not invested in you, it’s probably going to backfire.
  4. Have real conversation, too. Don’t tease her constantly, mix it up with more substantial or meaningful talk. Listen and avoid making fun of her when she’s telling you something serious. As you get to know her, tease less but never stop completely – the spirited attitude keeps her attracted.
  5. Flirt with everyone. Get in the habit of joking with women you meet daily. It’s innocent, harmless, and good practice. Plus, you’ll get a lot of numbers in the process. 

10 Examples Of Flirtatious Teasing

The following examples aren’t only for girls at the bar. They can and should be used on dates, at parties, and occasionally over text.

Note: These teases are meant for nighttime situations when you have a good dynamic going with the girl. I wouldn’t get too forward when first meeting a woman during the day. Keep it to a couple of light and non-sexual teases, unless you take her on an instant date right then and there.

1. Give her a silly nickname. 

  • “You’re such a little brat/punk!” (smiling) 
  • “Don’t worry sweetie/babe/pumpkin/cupcake, everything will be just fine.” (jokingly comforting her) 
  • “I like that you’re always laughing, I’m officially calling you giggles.” 
  • “You know what, you have such a mysterious air about you, let’s call you Secret Agent (smirk).” 
  • “You wear glasses and love to read? I’m calling you ‘Bookworm’.”

2. Point out something embarrassing or nerdy about her. 

  • “OMG, your dimples are so adorable.” 
  • “You have the cutest freckles on your nose.” 
  • If she does something clumsy, “This is why we can’t have nice things, Mary!” 
  • “You’re such a nerd, where’s your pocket protector?”

3. Mimic or mock her.

  • If she gets jokingly mad, huff at her and make an upset face.
  • Playfully exaggerate her accent. 
  • Repeat her words back to her with your hands on your hips.
  • If she orders a fancy drink, pretend to be flustered while ordering the same thing.
  • If she says a phrase frequently, repeat it back to her while grinning mischievously.
  • If she sings to a song, enthusiastically join in and dramatically exaggerate her dance moves.

4. Challenge her. 

  • Thumb wrestle her. 
  • If you’re at a bar or club, have a silly dance-off. 
  • “Please girl, I would so whoop your ass in X.” 
  • “First one to get served at the bar pays for the other’s drink.”
  • “Bet you can’t beat me in a game of pool.”
  • “I challenge you to a karaoke duel, loser buys dessert.”
  • “I bet I can guess your favorite movie in three tries or less.”
  • “Let’s  have a staring contest – first one to blink buys the next round!”

5. Treat her like a child. 

  • “Oh god, you’re so fired.” 
  • “I think somebody needs a timeout.” 
  • “Go sit over there and I’ll get you some crayons to draw with.”
  • “Don’t make me spank you, missy!” 
  • “I think you’re too young to be drinking that young lady.”
  • “Oh, are you having trouble making a decision? Let me get you a Magic 8 ball.”
  • “The way you’re pouting, I should get you a sticker chart for good behavior.”
  • “You’re always tripping over things; do we need to enroll you in ‘walking lessons’?”

6. Roleplay with her. 

  • “You like Dr. Who? We’re officially best friends now.” (put your arm around her) 
  • “That’s it, we’re breaking up — I want my letterman jacket back!”
  • “Where are we running away to for our honeymoon? I was thinking Fiji.” 
  • “I can’t believe we’ve been dating for three years now. Do you remember our first date?”
  • “You like hiking? I guess we can start training for our Everest expedition.”
  • “You love cooking? Welcome to our cooking show, today’s challenge: create a unique dessert!”

7. Stereotype her in a humorous way. 

  • “A Brooklyn girl, you packing heat?” 
  • “Uh oh, a lawyer…I’ve got to be careful what I say around you.”
  • “You’re from Tennessee? You must listen to songs about whiskey and tractors.” 
  • “Oooh a musician, can you write a love song about me?”
  • “A yoga teacher? Can you levitate when you meditate?”
  • “You work in finance? So, do you give stock advice at parties?”
  • “Oh, you’re a scientist? Are you working on a secret formula to save the world?”

8. Tell her you wouldn’t get along. 

  • “I can’t believe you like Twilight, we can’t be friends anymore.”
  • “We could never be friends, we’re both too stubborn.” 
  • “You are such bad news, I don’t know if we can hang out.” 
  • “You’re too nice, I would corrupt you.”
  • “You’re a morning person? Oh no, I’m a night owl. I guess we’ll never see each other awake!”
  • “You prefer tea over coffee? This changes everything.”
  • “You love pineapple on pizza? This can never work.”

9. Disagree with something she said. 

  • Playfully turn your back to her. 
  • After she says she dislikes something say that you do like it or vice versa. 
  • Call her out for being rude or shallow. 
  • “No way, lame!” 
  • “Pssh, I disagree, there’s definitely good rap out there.”
  • “You actually enjoyed that movie? I guess we can’t trust your taste in films anymore.”
  • “You don’t like roller coasters? That’s just blasphemous!”

10. Accuse her of hitting on you or being sexually aggressive. 

  • “Are you hitting on me?” 
  • “Get your mind out of the gutter!” 
  • “I see what you’re doing, your feminine wiles won’t work on me.”
  • “No, I will not hook up with you right here!” 
  • “Can you please stop checking out my butt?” 
  • “Don’t look at me like that, I’m not a piece of meat!” 
  • “Stop trying to seduce me, I know what you’re up to.” 
  • “Hey, stop thinking those dirty thoughts — we just met.”
  • “Did you just ask me what my sign is? You’re totally trying to pick me up!”
  • “Hey now, quit flirting with me, I can’t handle all this attention.”
  • “Are you always this forward, or is it just because I’m irresistible?”

Remember, teasing comes down to enjoying yourself and creating a playful dynamic. Use the examples as a guideline but start trying out your own ideas based on your personality.

You’ve got to take some chances — the guys who always play it safe usually go home alone.

4 Advanced Teasing Skills

Teasing is just one part of a flirtatious interaction. Integrate these other skills into your playful conversations to build fun, memorable rapport.

1. Practice Active Listening

When teasing a woman, it’s important to practice active listening so that your teasing remains relevant, timely, and applicable to the conversation. Pay attention to details while she’s speaking, and use them cleverly in your teases.

By showing her that you’re genuinely interested in what she has to say and weaving that into your banter, it demonstrates confidence and makes her feel valued.

2. Use Nonverbal Teases

Incorporate nonverbal communication into your teasing repertoire. Winks, raised eyebrows, or playful nudges can be just as effective in expressing playful intent.

Good nonverbal teasing creates a flirtatious atmosphere and adds a level of depth to your interaction.

3. Find a Balance Between Teasing and Complimenting

Don’t forget to sprinkle in compliments amongst your teasing remarks.

Genuinely complimenting a woman on something you truly appreciate about her brings balance to your conversations and shows your sincerity. It also encourages her to let her guard down and be more open to your teasing.

4. Read Her Reactions and Adapt Accordingly

Recognize and adapt to a woman’s reactions when teasing her – both positive and negative. Pay attention to her body language and the tone of her replies.

If she’s laughing and engaged, keep it up.

If she seems uncomfortable or disinterested, use this as a cue to either dial down the intensity or switch gears entirely.

If you’re struggling to figure out how to get the teasing right, I don’t want you to feel like you have to do this alone. If you’d like a step-by-step, tailored approach to become more playful in your conversations, and more magnetically attractive to women, let’s have a free, 100% confidential consultation call (up to 30 minutes) to discuss how we can work together. Schedule your free strategy session here.