Undeniable Proof That Women Crave Mind-Blowing Sex

June 24th, 2012 by Nick Notas 15 Comments

Gentle Rogue Johanna Lindsey

Note: This post is NSFW and contains some risqué language.

Ask any guy if he thinks sex is weird or wrong and I guarantee he’ll say no almost instantly. They watch porn, think dirty thoughts, and visually undress women on a regular basis.

Yet the second they speak to a girl they’re interested in, they try to hide and suppress their desires. Subconsciously, they feel guilty or ashamed for even thinking about sex.

I’ve already told you that women love sex and are turned on when a man lusts for them. But time and time again I see guys who have hundreds (literally) of boring, platonic texts with girls that go nowhere. They have in-person conversations that make women drier than the Sahara. Pack your bags, you’re headed to the friend zone.

What’s worse is when society (especially other men) tries to tell them that flirting is somehow disrespectful. These are the same guys who “slut shame” women for expressing their sexuality. They try to convince you that only “douchebags” hit on women. It’s all insecurity and lies, and I’m here to prove it.

Here are some stats on female sexuality:

  • Romance novels are the most popular literary genre comprising of 55% of all the paperbacks sold. As I’ve said before, women aren’t reading these books for the outstanding writing. (Source)
  • 50 Shades of Grey, an erotic novel about a virgin who becomes a submissive sex slave, is now the fastest selling paperback in history, surpassing Harry Potter. It has sold 10 million copies in 37 countries all under one year. (Source)
  • 76% of women in couples watch porn and 4 out of 5 like to roleplay and dress up. Over 50% enjoy using sex toys as well. (Source)
  • 40% of young women have tried anal sex with 1 in 3 having it within the last month. 94% of women who had anal sex orgasmed in their last encounter, a rate much higher than just vaginal intercourse. (Source)
  • 89% of women masturbate, 22% of them daily, while 48% of them do it at least once a week. 53% of those women who masturbate use vibrators while doing so. (Source)
  • 47% of women admit to sexting. 31% of women have had sex with 2 or more guys in one day. Almost 1 in 5 women have slept with 3 or more guys in a single week. (Source)
  • 62% of women admitted to having rape fantasies (being overpowered/forced/taken against their will). They are the third most popular sexual fantasy for women.

”Rape or near-rape fantasies are central to romance novels, one of the perennial best-selling categories in fiction. These books are often called “bodice-rippers” and have titles like Love’s Sweet Savage Fury, which imply at least some degree of force. In them, a handsome cad becomes so overwhelmed by his attraction to the heroine that he loses all control and must have her, even if she refuses–which she does initially, but then eventually melts into submission, desire, and ultimately fulfillment.” (Source)

  • Only 48% of people are satisfied with their sex lives. 2/3 of us feel we don’t have sex often enough and 48% of women have faked an orgasm. (Source)

Sex is the most primal thing we do. It’s straight animalistic. It’s a penis going into a vagina repeatedly while people are sweating, moaning, and coming. Women say very dirty things and many enjoy being pinned down and taken hard.

Females are not the fragile, innocent flowers on the high pedestal where you place them. You need to turn them on and they need to think about having sex with you before anything can happen. Flirting and wanting sex isn’t disrespectful, it’s a natural part of the dating game.

Don’t give into the guilty voice in your head: women are sexual beings just like us. If you can’t accept that, you won’t have the sex life you truly desire.

The majority of women are dissatisfied with the sex they’re having. They want more of it, in more exciting ways, with more passionate partners. Are you going to be the man who gives them what they want?

Sex is normal. Sex is healthy. Sex is good…really good.

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  1. Jake on June 25, 2012

    Cool list of stats.

    So what’s a good way to turn her on on a first date? Words or touching? Thanks.

    • Nick Notas on June 25, 2012

      A mix of both is always best.

      Your words should be lighthearted and fun. Keep to positive topics and don’t be afraid to tease her. Subtle innuendos and a genuine (yet personal) compliment work well, too. You don’t have to get too over the top with them.

      As for touching , it’s an absolute must on a date. That’s why I advise planning “action dates” that make it easier to get physical. You can get some ideas here:

      Start by greeting her with a hug or even a high five to break the physical contact barrier. Throughout the date you should be sitting close, playfully pushing her, and getting lots of touching in. If it’s going well, try for a spontaneous kiss before the very end of the night.

      Check out my first date kiss guide for insight:

      Hope that helps!

      • Ben on June 25, 2012

        Nick I think the hard part for guys is knowing that line between light/fun and playful. Guys are obviously more aggressive when it comes to sex than women and we tend to speak that way too. Because women are advertised through books and movies that sex with guys is mostly about romance, guys forget to add it in when they speak to women about it and come off perverted or nasty or too aggressive.

        • Nick Notas on June 25, 2012

          Completely agree with you Ben. A lot of that comes with experience but there are some ways you can minimize your risk along the way.

          Be less forward with your verbal and more assertive with your physical contact. Much of your flirting in words should be subtle. If you’re constantly talking about how you want to sleep with her, you can come off as too intense.

          Instead of having non-stop sexual conversation, have meaningful conversations with a little spice thrown in. Actually give a crap about getting to know her and what she’s about. Ask questions you genuinely care to know the answers to. Listen intently and relate back to her.

          Then when you touch, you’re emphasizing your personal connection. Start with simple gestures like high fives, a playful nudge, or a quick touch on the shoulder. If she reacts positively (pay attention to her body language), you can continue and take it up a notch. If she reacts negatively, pull back, continue building a connection, and try again later.

          The combination of being a self-controlled man who’s respectful yet forward about his intentions is ridiculously attractive.

  2. Elise on June 25, 2012

    omg I see stuff about 50 shades of grey everywhere! I didn’t know that was what it’s about, no wonder it’s so popular…

    i think all this stuff is true if i like a guy or trust him. but you have to get there first…

    • Nick Notas on June 25, 2012

      Haha, most definitely. And the way you start to like a guy is if he’s funny, a little forward, and flirtatious 🙂

  3. Randy on June 26, 2012

    “Ask any guy if he thinks sex is weird or wrong and I guarantee he’ll say no almost instantly. They watch porn, think dirty thoughts, and visually undress women on a regular basis.

    Yet the second they speak to a girl they’re interested in, they try to hide and suppress their desires. Subconsciously, they feel guilty or ashamed for even thinking about sex.”

    Sounds like these guys are suffering from sexual shame. It’s pretty prevalent in Western cultures. This happens with both men and women. Just because women want sex doesn’t mean they are any more willing to open up about it until you show them you aren’t ashamed of it yourself.

    • Nick Notas on June 26, 2012

      Mhmm, without a doubt it’s sexual shame. I love what you said about getting a woman to open up sexually requires you to be unashamed — very true. We’re reciprocative and if you convey that you have a healthy, non-judgmental attitude about sex, that’s when she’ll feel like she can show you the same.

      Isn’t it funny that we live in a culture that glorifies violence but demonizes the slightest bit of natural, human sexuality?

  4. Kyle on June 27, 2012

    Hey, thanks a lot for this man. I think mentally going over these numbers will help with my anxiety the next time I go out. This confirmed a lot of what I had already suspected.

    • Nick Notas on June 27, 2012

      You’re very welcome Kyle. That exactly the point of this piece — support for next time you’re connecting with a woman you like.

  5. quinsha on March 26, 2013

    OK this article is Printed and locked in my time capsule ,,, why , I was a virgin till my 27th bday i-e Jully 2012 and after reading this i have had done it with 16 girls, dont know how but it changed my perspective. And why am I posting this comment if i am not a virgin, just to help my brothers. “Its Soooo easy to get a girl like 123…” change your perspective!

  6. Clavicle44 on June 30, 2013

    Don’t get the wrong idea, I need all the dating advice I can get.
    But I would like a woman’s opinion on your opinion.

  7. helios on November 1, 2013

    ok so heres a question girl i have been seeing for a bit things going well for the most part
    shes fine with what you list as med level to some high level touching ok with hand on her hip or thigh she doesnt like her hands touched though
    what worries me is that when i start turning any thing in the conversation sexual she clams up and her whole face and forehead turns beet red
    and she will change the subject

  8. Gurpreet on January 26, 2014

    I Love ur posts Love the fact that u reply to all

    My problem is really complex

    Iam a good looking alpha male and can talk to any girl
    But because of past experiences where I talked and did evrything well with a girl but either her long lost bf return in her life or she leaves the office or moves away to another town or leaves Leaves the countryr
    So much much so my mind has formed an opinion and belief has een etched n that I won’t be able to get suitbale female company
    Besides sometimes because of some pro feminist women who are in the air with the noses up because of some beta males have made them by showering attention from all sides, I tend to sometimes be aggressive in the beginning or somewhat arrogant because of these women

    I have become drained because of my masturbating habit and I always pray to go to give me the company of beautiful women because I know then I will workout.. save my energy… Get the things done which I otherwise we wouldn’t care for.. Because i noticed wen I have a good woman in my life.. I ted to become more productive..

    But he does not answer and it frustrates me

    I wondered this is becoming a self fulfilling prophecy and becuase of my beliefs iam not able to attract women a when I easily can and always have

    I If in it hard to do visualizations etc and change these beliefs which haven formed by real experiences

    Moreover som1 on fb posted about “your personal it accordin to birthdate’ and about me it was dam true” popular with he opposites sex but will not have relationships and will be unlucky”

    Now u only tell me what do I do

    Whenever I see women I know I can talk etc but at the back of my head these things prevent it and even if I do things don’t materials the way way I want to and another bad experience gets added up

    Sorry for the rant and the spellings.. Its autocrrectnand my mycray phone keyboard


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