how to tell if a girl likes you

How To Tell If A Girl Likes You

So you’re with a girl and…

At dinner, she smiles and steals French fries off your plate.

She tucks her hair behind her ear before she says hi.

She touches your arm and offers to give you a ride home.

These actions may seem like nothing, but I promise they speak volumes. Women don’t announce their feelings over a loudspeaker — they’re more subtle.

Read the signs below to learn how to tell if a girl likes you.

These hints are there to encourage you and give you more confidence to make a move. You need to recognize them or you might miss your chance.

By Her Body Language

woman touching her hair

Our bodies say so much without us even realizing it. When a girl starts to feel those butterflies, she’ll often display her feelings subconsciously. They’re usually subtle and fleeting, but don’t underestimate what they can mean.

  • She smiles at you when you make eye contact from afar. This is often an invitation to approach her.
  • She gives you open body language (turns to face you directly, arms uncrossed, warm smile). This suggests that she feels comfortable and open to your company.
  • She stands close or moves closer toward you. Proximity strongly indicates attraction, as we naturally want to be closer to those we like.
  • She touches or plays with her hair while talking to you, or she frequently touches her neck, face, or collarbone. These are called self-touch gestures and can indicate nervousness and attraction.
  • She looks down or away nervously when you hold eye contact with her. People struggle to maintain eye contact when they’re very attracted to someone. 
  • She primps in front of you (adjusting clothes, jewelry, makeup) to look her best. This shows she cares about her appearance around you and whether you find her desirable.
  • She brushes her body (shoulder, hand, etc) against you while standing or walking by. Women use this to get a guy’s attention and encourage them to say hi or get more physical.
  • She mirrors your movements or gestures. This can indicate that she is subconsciously trying to be in sync with you.
  • She tilts her head or leans in while talking to you. She’s showing that she is genuinely interested in what you’re saying.

By Her Behaviors

couple sitting in a cafe

When you’re getting to know each other, it’s your job to make her feel comfortable and ensure she enjoys herself.

If a girl is responding to you favorably, there’s a good chance she wants you to stick around. You might have to put more work into keeping things moving initially, but her warm reactions to your efforts will build her overall attraction.

  • She laughs or giggles at your jokes, even when they’re not funny.
  • She doesn’t step away or break physical contact when you touch her. This comfort with your touch indicates that she feels safe with you and is open to you making a move.
  • She stays with you even after her friends leave. This is her signaling that she trusts you and wants to prioritize exploring this moment together.
  • She touches you during conversation. This is a bold move and almost always means she is ready to get more physical. If a woman goes out of her way to touch you, you need to touch her back so she doesn’t feel rejected or ashamed of her advances.
  • She leaves the bar interaction (for the bathroom, to get a drink, etc) and then returns to you. Women know they have options. If she chooses to pick back up the conversation, she’s choosing you over the other available guys.
  • She play fights or pushes you in a joking way. This is definitely her flirting and giving you permission to touch her back.
  • She introduces you to her friends. Women are very conscious about not introducing their friends to weird people. So if she’s bringing you into her social circle, she’s proud to show you off.
  • She shows interest in your friends. If she makes an effort to engage with your friends, it’s likely she’s trying to understand more about your social life and values.

By Her Text Conversations

girl sitting with her phone in her bedroom
  • She initiates the conversation often. Most women want the guys to initiate. If she’s going out of her way to reach out, she wants to make sure you know she’s interested.
  • She sends you good morning or good night messages. This demonstrates that you’re one of the first and last thoughts on her mind each day.
  • She responds to your messages promptly. This shows that she values your conversation and respects your time. (Note: the opposite doesn’t always mean disinterest. Some people aren’t great texters or don’t love messaging a lot.)
  • Her texts are full of positive emotion. For example, she sends you lots of emojis, especially ones that convey affection, like the smiley heart eyes or blushing face. Or she uses a lot of exclamation points or enthusiastic language. This is her saying, “I’m really having a good time chatting with you,” and once you get a few of these indicators, invite her out!
  • She sends long, detailed messages. This shows her wanting to share more about herself or learn more about you.
  • She keeps the conversation going, even if it seems like it might die out. This is her working to make sure your interaction doesn’t end.
  • She texts you late at night. This could mean that you’re on her mind when she has private time, or even just before she goes to bed. This is often when we’re feeling most sensual or romantic.

By What She Says

A woman will generally only put herself on the line when she’s interested in you. She’s going out of her way to touch and tease you because she wants to create chemistry.

Remember, she speaks or acts this way because she likes you and she wants you to like her back. So please, reciprocate!

  • She compliments you. This is a clear sign that she appreciates you and finds you attractive.
  • She playfully teases you or “busts your balls”. This is a lighthearted way to show she’s having fun and feeling the vibe.
  • She offers to buy you a drink. This is rare! If she does this, she’s showing you she does not want you to leave.
  • She re-initiates conversation during a lull. This shows you she’s still engaged and wants to keep getting to know each other.
  • She agrees when you ask her to grab a drink or get fresh air. This indicates she wants to spend more time together and is comfortable being alone with you.
  • She answers your questions, opens up, and shares personal details (interests, aspirations, embarrassing stories). This level of vulnerability shows trust and a desire for you to know her more deeply.
  • She asks personal questions back and expresses interest in getting to know you. When a woman is interested, she’ll be proactively curious about you.
  • She teases you about how you must get all the girls. She’s acknowledging that she finds you attractive and may even feel a bit jealous or intimidated by it.
  • She asks if you have a girlfriend or assumes you do in conversation. She’s evaluating if you’re available so she can take the next steps forward if you are.
  • She asks what you’re doing later. She doesn’t want this time together to end and is hinting for you to invite her to keep hanging out.

By Her Future Plans

  • She talks about her upcoming plans and includes you in them. This shows she’s not afraid to admit she wants to keep seeing you.
  • She invites you to events or outings that are weeks or months in the future. She’s expecting you to still be in her life at that time.
  • She’s open about her intentions in her romantic life, whether it’s settling down or wanting a serious relationship. This indicates that she’s considering you as a potential partner.
  • She says she wants the same thing when you tell her what you’re looking for. This is her letting you know that she’s aligned with you so that you consider her a real prospect.
  • She talks more about “we” than “I”. This shift in language is her way of signaling that she’s seeing you as part of her future.

What if you don’t get any of these signs? In my experience, that doesn’t necessarily mean she’s uninterested. We’re all different and express interest in unique ways.

Even when you’re uncertain, it’s best to assume she likes you rather than not. You’ve got a lot to gain and nothing to lose from doing so.

Don’t wait around for the “green light” or “perfect moment” — create it. Use these indicators of interest to your advantage to facilitate the connection between you two.

You don’t have to memorize all these points. Keep an eye out for them, but don’t get overwhelmed. When in doubt, trust your gut and go for it.

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