The Truth Behind
Evil Women

Women are evil, blood-sucking vampires looking to prey on unsuspecting male victims. They love to see you suffer and then gloat about it with their friends.

Just kidding.

It’s easy to feel hurt and frustrated in dating. You put yourself on the line, open up, and sometimes it doesn’t go the way you want it to.

Those emotions turn to anger and resentment and next thing you know, you’re complaining about how all girls are the same. And if you say it enough, you’ll truly start to believe it.

Girls are not evil. There are jerks of both sexes, but they are the minority. Don’t let a few bad apples ruin your apple-picking experience.

To prove it, I’m tearing down some of the most common myths perpetuated by scorned men.

Myth: She Loves Leading You On

Just because a woman isn’t interested anymore doesn’t mean she “led you on.” The early stages of dating are about discovering each other and evaluating your compatibility.

When you start talking or seeing each other, she’s still in the process of understanding who you are and if you’re someone she wants to date.

She can’t just turn her attraction on like a light switch, she has to feel it. Whether she chatted with you online or went out on a first date, she doesn’t have to like you. And conversely, you don’t have to like her.

Most of all, she’s not obligated to sleep with you under any circumstance. If you’re getting her hot and building a real connection, she’ll want you just as much as you want her.

I hear guys complaining about being in the friend zone and how girls just used them. If you hang around her like a lapdog and don’t express your intentions – that’s your fault, not hers. Of course she’s going to “take advantage” of you being her shoulder to cry on.

Instead, why not show her how you feel? Why not flirt with her? Why not take a chance and see what happens?

The beauty about taking action with a girl is that you always find out the truth. If she’s into you she’ll reciprocate. If she’s not, at least you know where things stand and can move on.

Myth: She Loves Rejecting You

Contrary to many bitter beliefs, women don’t usually enjoy rejecting a guy or get off hurting his feelings.

Most women aren’t very confrontational and in fact, hate awkward moments. They feel bad about having to tell a guy they aren’t interested and don’t want to upset him.

So, a lot of the time, women resort to ignoring the guy to give him the hint that they’re not interested. Is it always right to do? No, but when you’re scared or nervous, sometimes we take the flight response.

And it’s because often when a girl does tell a guy no, they get something like:

“But I thought we hit it off. What the hell? I was so nice to you and this is how you treat me? This is bullshit!” Even sometimes lashing out and calling them bitches for doing so.

Do you think a girl really wants to be guilt-tripped, yelled at, or insulted about her decision? No, it’s stressful and uncomfortable. But it happens and it leads girls to having to ignore guys so they get the picture.

If she’s not responding to your repeated texts or calls, don’t keep hounding her. She isn’t all of a sudden going to say, “He won’t leave me alone, I want to be with him!” It’s better to focus that energy on meeting someone else.

If she’s truly interested, she’ll make the effort to get in touch.

Myth: If She Goes To Bars, She Isn’t Your Type

I really dislike it when guys claim that all girls who go to bars are automatically “sluts” and not worth their time. They believe that every girl is low-quality, unintelligent, and shallow. And yet these are the same guys who hit up the bar themselves…see the problem here?

Many girls go out to bars to hang out with their friends, grab an after-work drink with co-workers, or to celebrate something. Others go out to enjoy themselves and potentially meet a guy.

These are all normal, healthy things, so where does the hate come from? Honestly, it’s just a lot of male insecurity threatened by female sexuality and independence.

So what if a girl is casually dating? That doesn’t make her a slut” or a bad human being — no one’s forcing you to be with her. We all want to do our own thing and if a woman wants to mess around and have fun, it’s her choice.

Yes, while you will find girls that won’t be what you’re looking for, there are plenty that you can have an awesome connection with. I’ve met tons of crazy club girls but I’ve also met many attorneys, doctors, writers, musicians, and overall successful women.

Are bars the only place you should look? Of course not. During the day while doing errands, meet-ups, and even online are great resources as well but don’t exclude nightlife altogether.

If you’re out with friends, go talk to some girls and see what happens.

Release any anger towards women, it won’t do you any good. A woman can sense it a mile away and it’s a massive turnoff. If you’re not having luck with the ladies, it might be your problem, not theirs.

Change your negative mindset and forever change your dating life.