The Importance Of
Good Company

To become a positive person, you must surround yourself with good people.

People who work hard for themselves, and in turn, want the best for you. People you can learn from and evolve with. Kind-hearted people who enrich the lives of those around them. 

We can’t help but be reflections of those we’re closest to.

We become influenced by their values, actions, and ideas – both positive and negative. So if they are angry, cynical, or insecure, we develop those traits as well. Often, it happens without us even realizing it.

As much as it pains me to say it, sometimes we have to let them go. We shouldn’t hate or resent them, it’s simply a matter of self-preservation. It’s not selfish to want healthy relationships.

We all seek companionship and should strive to build meaningful connections that make our days brighter.

In the end, you’re the only one who’s responsible for your happiness. Make it easier on yourself: accept that some people don’t have the best intentions at heart and you can’t always save them.

Nurture the relationships that foster optimism and mutual growth. It’s the path to an enlightened you.

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