The Big What If?

May 30th, 2011 by Nick Notas 1 Comments

What if you were jogging in the Boston Commons and saw a cute girl sitting by a tree?
What if you wanted to say hi but you had butterflies?
What if you overcame those butterflies and walked towards her?
What if you commented on the book she was reading, and she smiled and tucked her hair behind her ear?
What if you reached out your hand and said “I’m _______ , by the way.” ?
What if she responded with her name and invited you to sit?

What if you found out she’s an English major who would rather study in the park than in the library?
What if you teased her about studying on a beautiful Saturday?
What if she laughed and teased you about your toe shoes?
What if you told her you could really go for a fresh cup of iced coffee?
What if you asked her to join you?
What if she said yes?

What if you ordered a drink and walked with your hand gently on her back to an open table?
What if she had a great sense of humor and the same taste in movies?
What if you started to feel completely comfortable around each other?
What if you told her about a new ice cream shop you’re dying to try?
What if you could see her get excited and asked her to come along the next night?
What if she accepted and you asked for her number?

What if you met up and had an incredible time together?
What if you went in for the kiss in between scoops of vanilla ice cream?
What if this was the beginning of something great?
What if she was the girl you’d been waiting for?

Now what if you had never went up to her in the first place? None of it could have happened.

It all starts with “Hello.” Don’t let the little opportunities pass you by or you’ll always wonder…

What if?

  1. Fernando on February 1, 2015

    Great post Nick!

    It´s an excellent perspective changer when someone points at you what you´re missing because of fear or doubt, and you did exactly that by writing this article, it´s really thought provoking! It reminded me of a video that I saw not so long ago and gave me the same kind of “aha” moment. It´s amazing, and , I think, very in tune with the topic you´re touching here.

    I´ll leave you here the link so you can check it out!

    Cheers! 😀


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