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5 Tips To
Meeting Women In Boston

Packed with rich history, proud people, and a diverse nightlife, I’m honored to call Boston my hometown.

As a veteran of the dating scene, I’ve paid $20 covers in the Theatre District and shared a six-pack for free along the Charles River. I’ve seen guys drunkenly stumble through tired pickup lines while others do wonders with a simple “Hello”.

With all my experience, here are five pointers for meeting more women in the city:

1. Dress To Impress

Boston is consistently ranked as one of the worst-dressed cities for men and it definitely shows. The bars are packed with goofy t-shirts, Ed Hardy gear, and tattered baseball caps.

Avoid being a cliché and stand out. Throw on a fitted dress shirt, slim jeans, a nice pair of dress shoes, or even a blazer/tie – it makes a huge difference.

Women became friendlier and more interested the moment I started dressing better.

2. Get There Early

Boston isn’t the all-night party scene like New York City or Chicago, places heat up by 10:00 and cool down around 1:30 – leaving you a short window to meet the ladies.

Most of the eligible bachelorettes find a guy early on, so don’t wait until the end of the night to approach her. You’re less likely to succeed when she’s all partied out and unable to remember you.

A lot of women have to catch the T before 1:00, so use your time wisely!

3. Don’t Forget About The Daytime.

Tourists swarm Boston yearly because of its extreme walkability, but as a local, are you taking advantage of it?

Save that beer money and take a walk down Newbury Street, through Harvard Square, or around the Boston Commons. You’ll be astounded at how many attractive and receptive single girls there are on a given afternoon.

Don’t be afraid to strike up a conversation with a girl reading on a bench or watching a street performer in the square. Shops like Starbucks, Espresso Royale, or the Prudential Mall are excellent opportunities as well.

4. Know your atmosphere.

Boston is a city with many different styles and scenes, so it’s important to find a place that suits your tastes. Here are some basics:

If you like a sports bar: Cask ‘n FlagonWhiskey’s, and The Greatest Bar

If you like live music: Brighton Music HallChurch, and The Middle East

If you like an indie crowd: The Silhouette, T.T. the Bear’s, and Bukowski Tavern

If you like to dance: An Tua Nua and Gypsy Bar (Hip-Hop/Top 40), Thursdays @ Middlesex Lounge (Electronic), and Fridays @ Great Scott (New Wave/80’s)

If you like craft cocktails and upscale lounges: The Liberty Hotel (Clink/Alibi), Deep Ellum, and Eastern Standard

5. Smile, damn it!

It’s the most universal thing you can do to improve your chances with women. Everyone is looking to have fun and you want to show that you’re an awesome guy from the start.

A genuine smile is ten times more attractive than a stern or blank face.

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