Ryan Gosling Fashion

The Newbie’s Guide
To Looking Attractive: Fashion

Why should you look your best? Because it’s damn sexy.

And because how you dress and take care of yourself conveys a lot about who you are to women. It shows you are put together, have high-self esteem, and you’re confident about your body.

When you look good, you feel good.

I used to wear baggy jeans and dorky glasses. It didn’t help me much then and it won’t help you now. Yes, you can get lucky looking like anything, but it makes a striking difference when you make a few adjustments.

Remember, the clothes you wear to work are not necessarily what you wear to play. Comfortable khakis and a powder blue polo aren’t your best bet for impressing the ladies.

Here’s my beginner’s guide to an attractive man’s style.

Basic Fashion Rules

  • Fit is king. It’s single-handedly the most important rule in looking stylish. Most guy dress in clothes that are way too loose. This comprehensive fit guide is amazing. Also, don’t hesitate to ask sales associates for advice on the fly.
  • Learn your measurements. Any tailor, department store, or men’s store will do it for free. Often, when you buy something from a store you will need to get it tailored. A few dollars can make you look like a million bucks.
  • Understand color usage. Discover the right tones for your skin/hair and what colors work together. Limit your outfit to no more than three colors at once.
  • Match correctly. Pair your belt with your shoes and accessories. Make sure they’re the same color and preferably the same texture – shiny shoes with a shiny belt. With dress pants, match your socks to your pants. With jeans, match your socks to your shoes.
  • Do not mix and match metals in accessories, choose either all silver or all gold. Please don’t overdo the bling, one or two pieces maximum.
  • Avoid excessive “peacocking” (dressing extravagantly). Simple is always best. Unless that’s really your thing, choose one statement piece. That can be a big belt buckle, a vibrant tie, a fedora, or extra flashy shoes.
  • Get a watch. Watches are sexy, but they have to be the right kind. Metal, leather, or nylon bands with clock faces are best, lose the rubber digital watch unless it’s during athletic activities. Examples: Timex, Seiko
  • Embrace the tie. You don’t need to wear a blazer with it, just an ironed button-down shirt. No novelty ties (cartoon characters, etc). The tip of your tie should reach your belt buckle – no more, no less. If you’re a slimmer guy, skinny ties are a great option.

Required Items for Your Wardrobe

  • Dark wash jeans – The most universally flattering pants a man can wear. Excellent for any occasion. Slim and straight cuts are recommended. Avoid the “over-distressed” look and whiskering on the thighs.
  • Fitted T-shirt – Jeans and a t-shirt looks great as long as it’s fitted. Keep to black, white, navy blue, and grey to begin with.
  • Fitted button-down shirt – This is your prime nighttime shirt. Just like with T-shirts, stick with neutrals first in solid colors or subtle patterns. You can also roll up the sleeves to ¾ length to instantly look more stylish and casual. Also, learn the correct collar type for you.
    Examples: Express, Zara
  • Casual blazer – It can bring together an otherwise boring outfit. Feel free to grab that T-shirt on the floor and pair it with a knit/cotton blazer to dress it up. You should be looking for a jacket that’s shorter than the one you wear with a suit.
  • Dress shoes – Black or brown preferred, black is sexier and will give you more options when going out. Avoid square-toed shoes and cheap leather. This is one area where paying a little more is worth it.
  • Classic belt – Black or brown, depending on what color shoes you have.