Childlike Isn’t Childish

A friend introduced me to a girl last week. I was walking with both of them yesterday, being my normal goofy self, when she stopped me short. She looked into my eyes and smugly said:

“You’re always so silly and laughing.”

She challenged me to see how I’d react. I didn’t reply with some lame excuse or try to reason why I acted that way.

Instead I responded, “It’s a beautiful thing, isn’t it?”

She grinned wide, “Yes, yes it is. I’m always smiling…people just assume I’m stupid and naive. I let them believe what they want to believe.”

We’re Trained To Be Serious

It’s sad that many people associate someone who laughs often as being immature or incompetent. Or that if you don’t take yourself seriously, somehow you are a “child”.

It begins at birth. Our parents, teachers, and other adults tell us to act like a grown-up.

We’re told to calm down, be quiet, and stop being so silly. They try to ingrain that being playful is wrong…and we start to believe it.

We then grow up with this sense of guilt every time we want to live a little.

We tell ourselves that it’s not what adults do. We stifle our quirks and sense of humor – essential components that give us personality. We become this boring character fighting what we know is right on the inside.

This especially comes out in meeting women. We’re terrified of showing them the parts of us that don’t conform to society’s norm.

Unfortunately, it only works against us. We’re less attractive, intriguing, and entertaining to be around. No woman wants to date a drone.

Don’t buy into this false notion that having fun means you’re less of a man. It’s bullshit. Deep down the people who criticize others for being uninhibited are miserable and envious.

Get Weird With It

I act silly all the time. I don’t do it to impress anyone, I do it to make myself laugh.

I’m the funniest motherfucker I know and subsequently other people (women in particular) are drawn to it.

I joke to myself when I’m alone. I sing loudly while driving in my car. I do spontaneous Parkour while walking outside.

I say hi to strangers (kids, don’t do this alone!). During Halloween in Salem, I jumped in the hay bales with my nephew.

I’ll even dance in the grocery store and make up songs about 2% milk with my girlfriend.

Does that mean I’m an irresponsible, incapable man-child? No.

I’m independent, self-sufficient, and have financially supported my parents for 7 years. I pay all my bills on time. I schedule for the week what I need to do and get it done.

People tell me I’m one of the most sincere listeners. Many of them have trusted me with their deepest problems and insecurities.

I’m appropriate, responsible, and on-point whenever it’s required.

But otherwise, why should I be so serious? What value is there except for unnecessary stress and unhappiness? That’s not a way to live.

Hide yourself and you’ll never attract the people that truly appreciate you. We’re all dying to have more fun — there’s no reason to be ashamed of it.

Reach out to your inner child and let loose once in a while.

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