I Make Men Comfortable In Their Own Skin So They Attract Women Effortlessly

Whether that’s breaking through approach anxiety or using engaging banter to get more phone numbers -- I’ll show you how to be a man women actually want to date.

The transformations have been amazing -- I’ve watched hundreds of guys go from quiet and shy to confident and outgoing. In the process, I’ve developed special systems to help guys facing all levels of self-esteem ranging from the hardcore introverts to overconfident players.

If you’re only here to get laid or read the latest pick up line, you’re in the wrong place. I take pride in showing men how to find real relationships with amazing women. More than that, I show you how to become the best man you can be, not just around women, but in all of life’s endeavors.

My program gives you confidence in any social situation. You’ll be able to break the ice and keep a conversation flowing to draw people in. All this happens naturally when you know what to look for before the conversation even begins.

This is for men who want to develop skills that will last them a lifetime, not just a one night stand.

What's the Biggest Challenge You're Facing with Women?

Eliminate the anxiety of meeting new people in any situation

Make powerful first impressions through confident body language and eye contact

Know exactly what to say without memorizing cheesy lines

Get phone numbers and start setting up dates regularly

Flirt naturally and create powerful sexual attraction to stay out of the “friend zone”

Stop missing sexual opportunities and overcome “nice guy” habits that turn women off

Build lasting confidence and self esteem

Create and maintain healthy relationships based on honesty and respect

That’s not a full list, just a small sample of the challenges I’ll help you conquer.

Most Guys Are Too Embarrassed To Ask For Dating Advice

Honestly, I don’t know many guys who want their friends to know they need help with women.

(They’re having the same issues you are. They just don’t have the balls to admit it.)

But once you put my tailored advice into practice, your friends will notice your newly found confidence around the opposite sex. They’ll start to ask, “what’s your secret?” especially when they see the way you can get a girl laughing and smiling while having an intimate conversation.

The truth is, unless you can get a woman to flirt with you, she won’t open up and move past “just friends.” But if you know what to look for, she’ll always show you she’s ready to spice up the conversation.

You’ll Never Find True Transformation By Only Reading Articles Or Blogs

Guys come to me asking, “Nick, why shouldn’t I just read your articles instead?”

You should read my articles! I care about producing quality content with practical, valuable information. But this isn’t about information. It’s about transformation.

Blogs and articles can’t provide everything a good coach does. They can’t give you:

1. Tailored advice - Your sticking points and goals are unique to you. A professional with years of experience will focus on what’s going to help you most and provide specific exercises to speed up the process. You’ll waste less time struggling and more time seeing success.

2. Feedback on your experiences - When meeting lots of women, you want to make sure things go smoothly as possible. A mentor will provide ongoing insight so you don’t miss opportunities and make the most of your connections.

3 Accountability and motivation - Advice is only as good as what you do with it. Having someone keep you excited and on track maximizes your potential.

The best athletes, performers, and business people in the world use coaches to be at the top of their game. Why would improving your dating and confidence skills be any different?

A smart coach knows exactly what to do to get the results you want in the least amount of time possible.

The Results My Clients Have Seen

With Nick’s guidance and some hard work my life has been completely transformed in much less than six months. His expertise made dating go from terrifying, to fun and easy. The real surprise though was that this new found confidence improved my friendships, career, interactions with strangers, and more. I can’t recommend him enough, but be ready to get out of your comfort zone to see real results, you won’t regret it!

Kyle, Las Vegas, NV

Nick has a keen eye for his clients’ areas in greatest need of improvement, and a genuine passion for helping men improve their results with women and dating.

Your advice has thus far helped me tremendously on many levels. I feel better socializing, my social circle is more in line with what I want, I work on my self esteem by investing in myself, I determine my own value now instead of letting others do so, I’ve got a fantastic relationship built on honesty and communication. I really can’t thank you enough. It isn’t just advice to get a girlfriend, at least not for me, it was advice on how to be what I had always wanted to be but didn’t know how to be, a good guy (not a nice guy).p>

Thanks again man, genuinely honestly thank you. The world can be a confusing place but what you do truly helps people in the best way. You da real MVP ;D”

David, Burlington, VT

I started working with Nick after breaking up with a woman I thought I would marry. Nick blended humor, deep insights from psychology and behavioral science, as well as an intuitive understanding of how humans work to help me build an amazing love life. He taught me how to naturally connect with everyone from the lonely looking barista at my neighborhood cafe, to the stunning woman standing next to me at the bookstore.

What stands out about Nick is his wildly compassionate (and effective) approach to helping people get the results that they want in their love lives. He’s patient, encouraging, and funny. More importantly, he’s very easy to open up to and a masterful teacher. Nick helped me be my best self. I went from struggling to find women who I truly connected with, to being the guy in my circle who everyone else calls for advice about their love lives.

Let me make this easy for you: if you’re thinking of working with Nick, do it. Your future self (and your next lover and all the people you interact with along the way) will be deeply grateful.

Jason Connell, Founder and Professional Speaker, Ignited Leadership

Here Are Your Options For Becoming The Man You’ve Always Wanted To Be

Beginner's Journey

2 month program

A great option for someone a little low on funds but still wants personal help attracting and keeping amazing women. It's a good starting point and you can easily "keep going" after the two months is up once you see how your life begins to transform.

  • (4) 60-Minute Remote Coaching Sessions
  • (2) Months of Email and Text Access


3 month program

My most popular program for 1st-time clients. We’ll work together for 12 weeks to overcome many, if not all, of the biggest challenges you’re facing right now.

You’ll see a complete reversal in the way you approach women, how confident you are, and how many women you attract into your life.

  • (6) 60-Minute Remote Coaching Sessions
  • (3) Months of Email and Text Access

Master's Program

6 month program

The masters program is a popular choice for guys who want to not just find (and keep) a girl, but start applying my strategies in other areas of their life. This includes friendships and career growth.

  • (12) 60-Minute Remote Coaching Sessions
  • (6) Months of Email and Text Access
  • Full Access to my Online Dating Program
  • New profile pictures taken by LookBetterOnline.com

The Elite Man

12 month transformation package

This program is for true badasses. I’ll completely transform every aspect of your life, from the way you approach women to how you’re perceived by friends, family, and co-workers. I’ll show you how to become a complete badass in every area of your life.

  • (24) 60-Minute Remote Coaching Sessions (plus “emergency” calls)
  • (12) Months of Email and Text Access
  • (2) 3-hour sessions in person (Boston or your city, if you’d rather fly me)
  • Full access to all current and future products
  • Full Access to my Online Dating Program
  • New profile pictures by LookBetterOnline.com

Let's Chat To See Which Program Is Best For You

Don’t worry about which option is right for you right now. We’ll discuss the level that best fits your current situation when we jump on the phone.

But I have to warn you...these programs are not cheap.

The cheapest program starts at $997 for 2 months...while my most expensive program is $14,997 for an entire 12 month transformation. (Payment plans are available)

You deserve more than some thin, lame ass program that does nothing for you.

My programs are designed for guys who are committed to making real, long-lasting changes to their dating and social lives. I’m going to assume you’re that kind of guy since you’ve stuck with me this far. It doesn’t matter if you’ve always struggled with women -- I’m confident I can still turn things around.

So if you’re tired of just “getting by” and would like to lead a life where you’re in charge of every situation, including the women you date...

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