About This Site


This site is dedicated to make you and your life better. I provide insight from personal experience, trial and error, and real psychology. 

Some of the topics include:

  • Everything you need to succeed in dating.
    • Meeting people and starting conversations without pickup lines
    • Getting rid of “approach anxiety”
    • Flirting and expressing your sexual intentions
    • Staying out of the friend zone
    • Developing your social skills
    • Having attractive body language and a strong voice
    • Creating healthy connections based on honesty and respect
  • Building confidence and self-esteem through vulnerability and self-reflection. Overcoming “nice guy syndrome”.
  • Being happy and validated from yourself rather than external opinions, success, or social status.
  • Conquering the sexual shame that is so prevalent in our culture.
  • Creating a fulfilling and motivating lifestyle through gradual, consistent action.

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About Nick Notas

I’m Nick and I’ve been a dating coach for over 9 years. My passion is helping great guys become confident, social, and successful with women.

Facts about me:

  • I’ve worked with 200+ clients of all ages and backgrounds. 
  • My steaks are cooked medium-rare to perfection.
  • CBS News did a feature story on one of my signature in-person wingman sessions.
  • As a teen, I played Counter-Strike in competitive tournaments for 6 years.
  • Beer is delicious but I’m more of a craft cocktail enthusiast.
  • I built my brand on honesty and respect — read my core philosophies.

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