Hire Nick: A Motivational Speaker on Everyday Social Skills

Schools and training classes do a good job of teaching people how to pass tests and perform basic jobs. Formal education leaves out social skills and self-confidence, and that is unfortunate because these skills can be taught, and they ensure both personal and business success.

Leaders and lovers are made, not born.

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  • Keynote speaker and workshop facilitator: I have spoken at dozens events throughout the New England Area on confidence, dating, and social skills.    
  • Media attention: I  have been featured on CBS News and Yahoo.         
  • Engaging: I naturally adopt a casual and relatable style that engages audiences, keeps them talking about me for weeks after my speaking engagements, and gets me invited back.
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My Speaking Topics

Contact me at so I can work with you to tailor my topics for your group. Here are some examples of my previous talks:

Naturally Social: Meet People Anywhere: Simple ways to start conversations and overcome the fears holding you back.

Making Powerful First Impressions: How your non-verbal communication speaks louder than words. A study on the effects of body language, eye contact, and vocal tonality in work and love.

Healthy Sexual Expression: How young people can engage in sex safely and for the right reasons.

Who’s Actually Confident? Gain validation from yourself rather than external opinions, success, or social status. Learn to build your self-esteem through vulnerability and self-reflection.

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