Nick Notas Speaking Majorca Retreat

I work with men who treat women with respect. Guys who are ready to better themselves and make positive, lasting changes in their lives.

I’ve coached thousands of clients worldwide to conquer their anxieties to gain lasting social confidence. I take my work very seriously and tailor each session to your specific needs.

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Remote Coaching (Phone or Skype)

With my advice you will:

  • Make unforgettable first impressions with beautiful women anytime, anywhere
  • Get phone numbers that actually turn into dates
  • Flirt naturally and create powerful sexual attraction
  • Build real, lasting confidence
  • Be a charming conversationalist who always knows what to say
  • Create an interesting lifestyle and make new friends

Henry“I became the best version of myself, tremendously improved my social skills, dated many beautiful, smart and fun girls and started a serious relationship with a wonderful one.

Nick’s will push you to make efforts to improve yourself and meet your goals. He gave me a much deeper understanding on how to approach relationships and dating.”

Henry, San Jose, CA

In-Person Coaching (Boston area)

Go out with me day or night (first drink is on me!). I guarantee you will:

  • Talk to attractive women, lots of them
  • Maintain smooth and upbeat conversations
  • Gain experience taking interactions from friendly to sexual
  • Get useful feedback on your approaches, body language, and physical contact
  • Have a fun, awesome experience

“Nick and I went out and, as promised, we approached a lot of people, which is something that I would have a lot of trouble doing on my own. His feedback in real time was honest and thoughtful, and it touched on both the good and bad of each interaction.

I had a great time overall and was pleasantly surprised when Nick’s followup email to me gave even more thorough feedback, which really gives me concrete stuff to work on.” – Bret Boston, MA