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What If You Felt Naturally Confident And Charismatic, Every Day?

We believe your happiness directly correlates to the connections you have with yourself and others.

Envision your life if you had the courage to talk to anyone, the skills to attract the women you want, and the confidence to fully believe in yourself.

Now what if I told you this was possible without becoming an arrogant asshole?

To achieve great things and build the life you want, you just have to embrace the best version of yourself.

Conquer Confidence is a transformative 4-day retreat for men that will teach you to connect deeply with your own inner values and desires. You’ll develop real, lasting confidence without sacrificing your integrity.

Through this immersive environment, you’ll rapidly build your self-esteem and interpersonal skills. You’ll learn what it means to be a high-value man that people respect and desire.


You will overcome social anxieties, crush your inner voices of doubt, and stop letting fear control your actions. You’ll then take those mindsets and learn to connect with women on a powerful level along with other ambitious men like you.

Best of all, you’ll leave with support from the Conquer Confidence team and the other retreat members who will have become lifelong friends.

This retreat takes place in Barcelona, Spain, regarded by many as Europe’s coolest city. You’ll be living it up in a huge apartment in downtown surrounded by its world-famous nightlife scene and endless amounts of cool, people to talk to.

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Get Expert Instruction for Exponential Growth

You have more strength and courage inside you than you know.

Our team will teach you how to cultivate them and express them in a way that creates endless opportunities for you. And our retreat space creates a fun learning environment that provides the space and support you need for comprehensive growth.

With coaching from expert instructors and other guys who share the same goals, you’ll run through interactive exercises that will completely change the way you view yourself and communicate with women.kristina-kirilova-coaching-client

Using a mix of theory and real-world social practice, you’ll gain a thorough understanding of how to build genuine emotional and intimate connections.

You’ll begin to see that anything is possible. And you will embrace the authentic leader within you who knows what he’s worth.

“Conquer Confidence totally changed how I approach everything in life. I’ve found myself doing things in just the last few months that I never would have in a million years had the gumption to take on. My social life, romantic life and business have changed radically, and I can say without a doubt that the retreat was totally worth every cent.”


Learn the Skills of the High-Value Man

You know when you walk away from a not-so-great conversation and think, “Damn, what just happened?”

Maybe you said the wrong thing, got ignored by the girl, or got left out of the group…again. And you have no idea how to fix it.

Nobody wants to lose out on those connections. And sometimes, all it takes is a few small adjustments to see a huge improvement in your social interactions. That’s where we come in.

We’ll use our 10+ years of coaching experience to troubleshoot the exact improvements you need to see great results. And because you have both a male and female coach, we’ll show you not only what’s worked for other men, but provide insight into a woman’s mind.

What’s more, we’ll then help you cultivate your self-awareness so you can continue growing even after the retreat.

Gain the Tools to Attract the Right Women

Everyone knows that charismatic guy who gets what he wants wherever he goes: in bars, on dates, at work, and with friends. He understands the philosophy and skillset of the high-value man and applies it to every area of his life. He gives value and therefore attracts other high-value people.

Conquer Confidence will teach you these leadership skills and how to use them in healthy, effective ways.

With these strategies and your refined confidence, you’ll comfortably navigate new, exciting experiences with attractive women. You’ll cultivate your own magnetic charisma that women are powerfully drawn to.

If you want to keep quality women in your life though, you also have to develop real self-esteem. Many dating programs teach you disingenuous, superficial tactics to get you laid. They’ll instruct you to pretend to be someone else. And it might work in the short-term.

But here’s the thing…all that stuff does is reinforce your belief that you’re not good enough. Because it’s not YOU who these women are attracted to, it’s the false persona you’ve created. And you’ll never actually be happy and learn to love yourself.

We teach you how to build intimate connections based on honesty, trust, and respect. And we show you how to be creative, playful, and have fun the whole time.clients-fun-interactive-exercises

Those are the tools a high-value man uses to create meaningful relationships, even if they’re casual. And those are the tools we’ll teach you in our real-world daytime and nighttime coaching sessions.

Experience Deep-Level Change

Through a mix of theoretical discussion, role-play exercises, and in-field training, we will coach you on conveying confident body language, being more witty and flirtatious, and becoming an engaging conversationalist to take control of your social and dating life.

You’ll also discover the mistakes and missteps to avoid in various social situations.

But that’s just the external stuff. A confident man strives to build a whole, happy life for himself — not just for women.

Our most important focus is to have you overcome your insecurities, anxieties, and self-doubt holding you back from being your best and building a fulfilling life.

This deep work will help you discover your most attractive, authentic self and convey that without fear. It forms the foundation upon which you will build your confidence.

When you leave Conquer Confidence, you won’t just act like a powerful and confident man. You’ll be that man.

Make Friends You Can Count On

We take pride in our work and are confident we can add a tremendous amount of value to your life. But we also believe it’s the other amazing guys that will make this retreat one of the best weeks you’ll ever experience.

You’ll form close bonds with men who encourage you, support you, and laugh their asses off with you. You’ll provide each other with constructive feedback and complete challenging in-field exercises together.


CC2017 Lisbon Attendees and Crew

We grow and learn the most from other people. And life’s experiences are so much more special when shared with those we care about. That’s why you’ll stay in touch with your fellow retreat members for support, accountability, and hilarious one-liners.

Here’s a group chat with alumni from a previous retreat:


A Retreat That’s Tailored to You

We love what we do and we’re going to bust our ass to give you the most value possible. We’ll help you prepare beforehand, provide actionable material during and after the retreat, and schedule 1-on-1 follow-up and group coaching.

After you apply, you’ll chat with Nick and Kristina personally over the phone so that they understand your needs, goals, and can answer any questions you have about the retreat.

The program will also be tailored towards your individual goals. You will begin a lifelong journey of personal growth and fulfillment.

What’s included:

(4) Nights at a stylish, luxury apartment in Barcelona, Spain (Thursday through Sunday night).

(8) Theory coaching sessions (2 per day).

(2) daytime socializing sessions (including approaching women).

(1) social night out to have fun and receive real-time feedback and wingmanning from your coaches. Entry fees included.

(2) 60-minute remote coaching follow up sessions with Nick and Kristina for continued support to hit your goals.

Live approach training, feedback, and practical demonstrations with our female coach, Kristina.

Professional photos by an incredibly talented photographer — use them with your dating profiles and social pages to take your online game to a new level.

Access to an exclusive social media group with your hosts and your fellow retreat members for ongoing motivation and insight.

Breakfast at the apartment.

What’s not included:

  • Flights
  • Travel and health insurance
  • Public transportation and taxis
  • Individual expenses (e.g. shopping, additional meals and drinks)

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Barcelona: THE Place to Visit in 2018

Live it up in a sweet pad in the heart of downtown Barcelona, right next to La Rambla, the busy tourist street.

You’ll be surrounded by Barcelona’s world-famous nightlife scene, beach life, and legendary cuisine. Tapas, baby!

At Conquer Confidence, all the clients share an appartment, which makes the experience so unique. The shared space is the difference between you guys becoming acquaintances or lifelong friends.

Of course, you’ll have a bedroom all to yourself so you can get a good night sleep and recharge your batteries after an intense coaching day.

When you come to Barcelona you have to see Barcelona. Thus, we make sure to weave some sight seeing and culture into every coaching day. This also pairs well with meeting new people because who could be better to connect with than fellow travelers?

Our own private coaching space at the retreat

You’ll return home with…

A Strong Sense of Self-Worth
Understand the path to loving yourself and practice habits that build lasting self-esteem. Stop seeking other people’s approval, trust that you are good enough, and cultivate a meaningful life that’s fulfilling to you.

The Ability To Start And Hold Engaging Conversations
Talk to women without anxiety and make powerful first impressions. We run exercises for all facets of conversation, such as flirting, humor, and talking on an emotional level so you can feel confident in your own skin.

A Decisive, Leading Attitude
Become an emotionally mature man who knows what he wants and is not afraid to go after it. Be more assertive, set strong boundaries, and become the leader that women desire in a romantic connection.

The Flirting Skills Necessary for Attraction
Develop an array of flirting skills such as banter, humor, touch, and sexual tension so women see you as an intimate partner. Overcome your sexual shame and stop getting yourself stuck as the “nice guy” or “just a friend”.

More Emotional Intelligence
Know how to navigate social interactions with empathy and a comprehensive understanding of human psychology. Recognize when someone is interested in you, when to move things forward, and how to adapt to different social situations.

An Expert Female Opinion
Our female coach Kristina will give you her no-BS feedback from the perspective of a beautiful woman. She will also highlight the female view on approaching, flirting, rejection, and help you better understand women. (Plus, she’s an unbeatable wingwoman).

Charismatic Non-Verbal Communication
Learn to use powerful eye contact and vocal tonality to present yourself as a strong, desirable individual. We’ll also analyze the story your body language tells and make sure it screams “high-value man”.

A Confident Communication Style
Get in touch with what makes you interesting and unique. Express yourself passionately and connect with compatible, high-quality people.

A Positive Inner Voice
Become mindful of the self-defeating thoughts and limiting beliefs that sabotage your happiness. Learn to replace them with an empowering internal dialogue and adopt more confident mindsets.

Magnetic Online Profiles (Including Professional Photography)
Elevate your online profiles to show off your most attractive self and get more dates. Our photographer will take flattering candid pictures of you and we’ll choose the best ones together.

A Roadmap For Success
We’ll create a step-by-step plan for you to keep applying the principles and techniques you’ll learn at Conquer Confidence. This includes follow-up 1-on- 1 and group coaching via phone/Skype, friends to keep you accountable and motivated, and a summary of the theory covered at the event.



Inner Confidence

  • Build unshakable confidence that shows in your behavior and body language
  • Get better control over emotions like fear, anxiety, jealousy, and anger
  • Stop caring so much about what others think
  • Learn to express your thoughts clearly and authentically without shame
  • Overcome insecurities and neediness that turn people off

Dating and Relationships

  • Overcome anxiety and organically approach woman in various situations
  • Flirt naturally and create powerful sexual attraction
  • Recognize the subtle signals women use to show interest
  • Optimize your online dating profiles and stand out from the masses
  • Develop long-lasting relationships built on trust and respect

Social Life

  • Become a charismatic man people are drawn to
  • Effortlessly connect small talk to deep topics
  • Captivate people with engaging emotional stories
  • Create a kickass lifestyle with great friends and fulfilling hobbies
  • Stop running out of things to say, without memorizing scripted lines

The Team

Nick Notas

Nick has been a world-renowned dating and confidence coach for 10 years. Nick Notas
He’s worked with thousands of men to help them become more social, confident, and create lasting relationships with the women they desire. Through 10,000 real-world interactions, Nick is a master at breaking down the psychology behind genuine confidence and has developed a practical system for anyone to use. He shows men how to express their best selves authentically, without being fake…and while having fun too.

Kristina Kirilova -

Kristina Kirilova

The better half of the Love Life Solved founder couple, Kristina is our female coach who you can practice your dating skills and different approaching situations with, and get a completely honest feedback.

What’s more, she will teach you how to talk and behave with beautiful women the way she does: completely natural and without any fear.

Sarah Katharina

Julian Reisinger

Julian is the guy who makes sure the retreat is an unforgettable experience for everyone and goes about frictionless.

Besides his organizational responsibilities, Julian is also an expert on shyness and social anxiety – which he has been struggling with since he can remember – and meeting women passively through your lifestyle.

Sarah Katharina

Sarah Katharina

Sarah Katharina is our go-to photographer when it comes to retreats. She takes amazing photos, makes you feel super comfortable during photo shoots, and she is a blast to be around.

Moreover, she is frank, direct, and never shy to give her female opinion on anything related to women, dating, and sexuality.



The cost for the event is split into two payments of USD 2150. (USD 4300 in total)

It’s impossible to put a price on certain things.

How much is feeling comfortable and confident in your own skin worth? How much is being perceived as an attractive and charismatic man by the women you like worth? How much are true friends for life worth?

We can’t accurately measure these things, but to the men who attend Conquer Confidence, they are priceless.

High achieving individuals know that they can always earn more money, but they only have one chance to live their life to the fullest.

To enable our clients to focus all their energy on developing the skills they came for, we decided to take care of everything so you can just board a plane at home and not worry about anything else after that.

The all-inclusive nature of the retreat makes it an investment, but people who are a great fit for Conquer Confidence can still see a massive return on that investment.

“My trip to Mallorca with Nick, Julian and Kristina was one of the best experiences of my life.

Our crew were some of the most honestly genuine and badass people I’ve ever met and the fun that we had can’t be measured.

I learned so many things and my confidence with women after my divorce skyrocketed.

The magic of this trip didn’t stop there, as I met the most amazing, passionate, confident, fiery and wild Spanish woman during the trip. She is now my girlfriend and my life has entirely changed for the better. Every day is now filled with intrigue, passion and creativity. (wink wink)

This is my time and my story is unfolding in ways that I never could have imagined, and it’s all thanks to this amazing experience that Nick, Julian and Krisi created.”



We try to select a group of people that is as compatible as possible. Therefore, we will invite every applicant to a private call that’s held over phone or Skype to assess your goals and expectations.

Can you currently afford an investment in yourself?

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