Most dating advice is wrong! It's based on "faking it" and not actually "making it"

Pickup lines and routines fail long term. I teach men how to attract quality women using their real personality and without having to compromise their values.

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I love helping people out. The best way to do that is by understanding what you're looking for and how to get you there. I tailor my coaching advice to each client.

From this 100% confidential diagnostic I will help you:

Clearly understand what's holding you back with women.

Design a plan of action to attract and connect with the type of women you want.

Learn to make dating and meeting women a fun and enjoyable experience.

What's included:

A phone or Skype call directly with me (Up to 20 minutes).

An in-depth analysis of your sticking points.

A follow-up email with tips to implement and recommended coaching details.

Additional articles and resources related to your specific needs.

I'll contact you within 72 hours to setup a call time that works for both us.

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What My Clients Have To Say

Your advice turned me around. I went from the shy guy at the party/bar to the outgoing one. My friends can't believe the difference! I'm now the one the guys go to on advice on approaching girls, it's kind of nice.

Anyways, I just wanted to say thanks. You've changed my life in more ways than one.
Kevin — Toronto, Canada

Just in our first conversation, I could tell that Nick was in a league of his own. Nick is not in this game just to help guys get girls. Instead, he's helping people improve themselves. His advice has made me realize that every social situation is an opportunity to practice.

It amazes me to look back at the person I was and see how much I was holding myself back. Fortunately, Nick was there to help me turn that around.
Chris — Worcester, MA

Nick and I went out and, as promised, we approached a lot of people, which is something that I would have a lot of trouble doing on my own. His feedback in real time was honest and thoughtful, and it touched on both the good and bad of each interaction.

I had a great time overall and was pleasantly surprised when Nick’s followup email to me gave even more thorough feedback, which really gives me concrete stuff to work on.
Bret — Boston, MA

You opened my eyes to see that it is not about the girls, but about myself. Realizing that made me stop looking for validation from girls. Your tips on approaching and flirting helped me practice this and being a fun and happy person.

The way you helped me deal with my problems with an ex also helped in the progress of becoming who I have become, comfortable in my own skin.
Dom — Netherlands