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What If You Could Meet The Beautiful Women You See Every Day?

I’m Nick Notas. I’ve helped thousands of men around the world get dates and create amazing relationships with attractive women.

After 11 years of being a coach, I’m here to tell you…

You are literally SURROUNDED by beautiful women who would love to go on a date with a great guy.

I’m talking about that cute girl you noticed at Trader Joes, the college student sitting across from you at your favorite cafe, or that woman in your yoga class.

You just have to be willing to seize those opportunities in your daily life.

I know that seems impossible right now. And you’re not alone in feeling that way — most guys struggle with anxiety or fear when talking to a new woman. I used to as well.

But I promise you, building self-confidence and meeting the women you want are teachable skills.

I’ve seen the proof firsthand with my clients. Jason Connell and I saw it happen at our Austin retreat.

Two years ago, we helped eight men connect to their core confidence and improve their dating lives. Our goal was to help them transform their lives from the inside out.

The results stunned us: all of the guys who attended overcame their approach anxiety and learned to connect with amazing women.

Literally all of them.

Months after the event, the guys continued flooding us with updates. They’d found girlfriends, gotten promotions, made new friends, overcome addictions, and more. Though we had high expectations, we never expected the results to be that powerful.

Jason and I have teamed up again on a new project we think you’re going to love. But first…

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Does This Sound Familiar?

Matt, one of our retreat attendees, was fed up. He spent years online reading about “pickup”, social skills, and relationships. He had accounts on Tinder, Bumble, and OKCupid.

He got dates from time to time but rarely with the girls he wanted. And the few women he truly liked never wanted to see him a second time.

The funny part about Matt is that he got all of the basics right. He had a great job, a nice personality, a good sense of style, and a core group of friends. Even still, he suffered from women always seeing him as just a friend.

Matt was terrified that his options were to: be alone or settle for whoever liked him back, regardless of compatibility. At one point he even asked a few friends, “What if I just choose to have a mediocre life? Is that okay?”

He felt inferior to his friends who were married or never seemed to have any problems meeting and connecting with great women. He wondered what was wrong with him that made him unattractive to the people he desired most. He knew that he had to make some changes, but either didn’t know what those changes were, or couldn’t muster the courage to pull the trigger.

Like so many men before him, Matt told himself that he’d fix the problems in his dating life “tomorrow.” The problem is that each time that tomorrow arrived, Matt had some vague reason about why he wasn’t ready yet.

In reality, Matt was suffering from a crisis of confidence and self-worth.

“Conquer Confidence totally changed how I approach everything in life. I’ve found myself doing things in just the last few months that I never would have in a million years had the gumption to take on.

My social life, romantic life and business have changed radically, and I can say without a doubt that the retreat was totally worth every cent.”



Then, Matt Decided To Get Help…And Everything Changed

Matt was one of the eight men Jason and I invited to our retreat in Austin. It was easy for us to relate to him.


I spent years refining my ability to meet and connect with women before I ever launched my coaching practice. And Jason was one of those guys who, in his early 20’s, was successful in business but at the expense of his love and social life.

More importantly, we both have tons of experience in helping men step into their true confidence and charisma. It’s one thing to teach people scripted lines and rehearsed routines. But those things fall apart the second the interaction gets real.

It’s far more powerful – and difficult – to help people determine what’s holding them back from taking control of their life. And that’s exactly what Jason and I have spent the past decade specializing in.

Here’s an example: most guys only invest in themselves for the sake of being more attractive to women. They mold themselves into whatever they believe women want. While this makes sense at first glance, it’s actually a horrible strategy.

Being a chameleon makes you lose your sense of self (and I promise it’s your true self that people will be most attracted to). It also places your self-worth in other people’s hands.

A much better approach is to embrace how incredible you can become. We don’t mean reciting compliments about yourself in the mirror to artificially inflate your self esteem. What we mean is feeling and expressing how attractive, badass, and confident you are at your core.

From there, the only missing piece is learning how to approach and smoothly navigate an initial conversation with a woman who YOU are attracted to. We’ll teach you exactly how to do that, and along the way, we’ll help you level up your inner and outer game.

And for Matt, working with us transformed his abilities to speak his mind, lead with confidence, and show his romantic interest to women effectively. During the retreat, he learned to approach women he was attracted to. It was cool to see – many of the women wanted him to ask for their number because they were excited to be selected by him. More importantly, the changes lasted.

Since then, Matt has had a steady string of amazing girlfriends. He met all of them by introducing himself in-person. He came from a place of simply wanting to see if there was a connection rather than a fear of rejection or needing to impress them.

For now, Matt enjoys keeping things casual in his relationships but he recently mentioned that he’s open to starting something more serious…when the right woman comes along.

For the past two years, Jason and I have been creating a program to help men overhaul their love lives from the inside out in a way that’s lasting, effective, and affordable. Today, we’re proud to introduce the inaugural class of…

Effortless Encounters

Our goal with Effortless Encounters is simple: help you develop the inner and outer skills to get the women and relationships that you deserve. We won’t be wasting your time with any pickup stuff (not only is it sleazy, it also doesn’t work).

Instead, we’ll do a deep dive into the psychology of self-esteem, charisma, attraction, and connection. More importantly, we’ll teach you the real world skills you need to master yourself and build fulfilling relationships.

This is a LIVE group course where you’ll be interacting directly with Jason and myself over video every week for three months.

We’re going to teach you the 6 cornerstone pieces to have effortless encounters with women. You’ll learn how to:

1. Make it feel playful – not scary – to leave your comfort zone: whether you want to approach a stunning woman, ask for a date, or make a move, we’ll teach you the inner mechanics of how to overcome your anxiety and tap into your innate confidence. We’re only going to use evidence-based techniques to help you gain control over your social life. This way you focus on the stuff that actually works and gets results.

2. Unleash your personal magnetism: there’s an irresistible version of you waiting to be unlocked. Accessing this requires action on two levels. First, we’ll teach you how to strip away the mental and emotional shit that’s holding you back from your best self. Second, we’ll teach you the low-effort, high-reward techniques that will make you charismatic. Have you ever met a guy who seems to draw other people into his orbit? We’re going to help you become one of those guys.

3. Know exactly what to say when approaching a stranger: we’ll teach you exactly what to say and why it works. You’ll walk away with a sharp understanding of how to create a positive interaction that generates attraction and rapport. We’ll also cover what to avoid when you first meet someone new. That way you’ll feel confident letting your natural personality shine and freestyling when necessary.

4. Get her number, set up a first date, and leave her gushing to her friends: we won’t lie – going for a number can be awkward. But, it doesn’t have to be. By structuring a great conversation and suggesting exciting date ideas, you’ll feel calm and in control while sweeping her off her feet. You know that excited-nervous-anticipatory feeling you get after you’ve texted a girl? We’ll teach you how to create that exact same feeling in her when you first ask her out.

5. Form fast and strong connections with people you’ve just met (and deepen existing connections): have you ever met someone you felt instantly connected to? Where you cut through small talk and actually open up to each other? We’ll show you how to have real conversations and rapidly build trust. While this skill has obvious – and exciting – benefits for your dating life, it’ll also improve your friendships, relationships with your family, and work life.

6. Learn to draw out your inner leader: The ultimate transformation you’ll make during this course is becoming a leader. You’ll use your new found abilities to captivate and inspire others. Everyone is attracted to a strong, independent person who goes after what they want. You’ll minimize people cancelling plans or putting you in the friend zone. Women and men will see you as a high-value person they respect and want to pursue.

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“I’m overweight, have bad skin, am a huge geek, never attended college, and never had a sexual partner in my life. A year ago I felt like the least desirable man on the planet.

Nick and Jason helped me realize dating and moreso life isn’t about the false narrative you tell yourself, it’s about accountability and the truth you want to live.

Within a year I stepped up my social game, I found myself in a great relationship with an equally nerdy girl who legitimately cares for me. I also quit my stable dead-end factory job and am now much happier working in an office for a multinational corporation.

Nick Notas is the Miyagi to my Daniel.”



We’re Confident We Can Help You Become Your Best Self

We know these are bold claims. But Jason and I have spent years refining this material and testing it with clients. Their outstanding results speak for themselves.

We’ve included a few tools to ensure that you achieve the growth you desire:

  • All calls are LIVE over video. You’ll interact with Jason and I in real-time every week, ask us questions, and receive tailored feedback. (And don’t worry, if you miss a call, you’ll have lifetime access to the recordings).
  • We’re providing 6 cornerstone strategy sessions so you can start meeting and attracting the women around you. To further enhance your mastery, we’re offering 6 coaching lessons where you can work directly with us on any problem you’re facing and get tailored feedback.
  • We’ve created a members’ social media group where you can interact with other like-minded men, ask Jason and I questions between sessions, seek accountability, or unpack the new skills you’re developing between strategy sessions.
  • The course is spread out over three months. This allows time for consistent, sustainable growth and ongoing feedback while you’re putting the advice into practice.
  • Because the course is online, you’ll have access from wherever you are in the world. You can listen to recordings any time, review helpful examples, and reference advice for exactly when you need it.


Program Pricing And Options


Some of the Austin retreat guys with our photographer.

If you want to stop dreaming about an abundance of dates, wild nights, and fulfilling relationships, and you’re ready to make that a reality, then sign up now.

STANDARD – $999 or 2 payments of $599
– (6) 60-minute group cornerstone strategy sessions
– (6) 60-minute group coaching lessons (one with Kristina from LoveLifeSolved)
– Recordings of all calls
– Detailed worksheets and supplemental material
– Exclusive bonus content (audio and video)
– Access to the private members’ social media group

VIP – $4,999 (Limited to five people!)
This provides full standard access to the course with an additional…
– (6) private 60-minute coaching lessons with Nick and Jason during the course
– (2) private 60-minute coaching lessons with Kristina from LoveLifeSolved
– (90) days of priority email coaching and support from Nick and Jason

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Why I Chose Jason Connell As My Co-Instructor

Jason Connell

For those of you who don’t know my friend Jason Connell, he’s an underground legend. Since he was 22, he’s worked with student leaders, executives, athletes, and government officials to help them master their mindset, confidence, and relationships to themselves.

Jason is ridiculously good at what he does. I’ve personally watched him make a room full of adults tear up as he helped them let go of the baggage holding them back. When we worked together on the retreat in Austin, I was stunned by his ability to cut straight to the heart of the matter and effectively transform the men we were working with.

I’m not the only one who’s noticed Jason’s gifts. His understanding of people and their inner-mechanics is so sharp that he routinely consults for psychotherapists and psychologists. And I personally trust Jason so much I had him officiate my wedding!

I’m thrilled to be working with him again on Effortless Encounters because his ability to help people change their lives is second to none.

Our Success Stories

Here are some of the success stories from clients that have worked with us:

“With Nick’s guidance and some hard work my life has been completely transformed in much less than six months. His expertise made dating go from terrifying, to fun and easy.
The real surprise though was that this new found confidence improved my friendships, career, interactions with strangers, and more.
I can’t recommend him enough, but be ready to get out of your comfort zone to see real results, you won’t regret it!”

– Kyle, Alumnus Conquer Confidence Austin

“There was something so refreshing about his [Jason’s] candid attitude and brutal honesty that left everyone in the room hanging onto his every word…”
– reviewing one of Jason’s live trainings

“I attended today’s seminar [with Jason] and I was moved and felt truly engaged during the whole hour. I felt “connected” emotionally. My career of 20 + years has been nothing more than helping others and I tell everyone how much I love my job.
I make excuses when it comes to doing things that I’ve always wanted to do. Yet today I heard you speak so highly about not wasting time and acting on those dreams. You are an inspiration.”

– Natalie H.


This Course IS NOT For You If…

Look, we only want to work with people who are dedicated to growth. This course is not for you if:

  • You’re not ready to change. The sad truth is that a lot of people claim they want to change but never do anything about it. Others want to change, but they’re afraid. They come up with excuses as to why they can’t (they’re too busy, it’s not the right time, etc).
  • You refuse to leave your comfort zone. We’ll make it as easy as possible for you to leave your comfort zone, but we can’t do it for you. All growth comes with an element of gently pushing yourself. If you’re not willing to do that (and again, we’ll support you throughout the process), then you won’t get much from this course.
  • You’re looking for a crash course in becoming a pickup artist. Yes, you will 100% learn how to walk up to an attractive woman, form a connection, get her number, and create powerful chemistry on a date. But you’re going to learn how to do it from a place of authenticity and confidence — not acting, lines, or objectification.

This Course IS For You If…

We’ve noticed that students who posses the following attributes are the ones who get the best results. If this sounds like you, you need to sign up.

  • You’re ready to change now. You’re ready to embrace the confident man within you. Not next year, not tomorrow, but now.
  • You want help both in the form of expert instruction and a sense of community.
  • You respect women and want to form healthy emotional and intimate relationships. You’re not secretly trying to get back at those who’ve hurt you.
  • You don’t want to live your life bogged down by theory. You want to get results in the real world. Yes, we’ll give you plenty of information about change, connection, confidence, and charisma, but we’re going to balance it with the practical exercises necessary for long-term growth.

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