What It Takes to Win Her Over

Anything worth having in this world requires effort. You want that dream job? You bust your ass writing a resume, networking, and working your way up the ranks. Want to run a marathon? You’ve got to eat right, get in shape, and train for months on end. What do you think it takes to be the guy who sweeps a girl off her feet?

Listening to a girl and being her friend doesn’t automatically mean you get to hook up with her. I often hear guys complaining about how the women they’re pursuing don’t reciprocate the same romantic feelings. When I dig a little deeper, I find out that these guys aren’t putting in the work necessary to create an intimate connection.

This frustration can lead to jealousy of other men and even resentment and anger toward the women they’re interested in. What they don’t realize is that attraction is something we feel and not the result of a series of logical steps. Instead of getting mad about it, why not get productive?

Loosen up and start making women laugh. Being too serious and having boring conversations aren’t going to get her hot for you. Don’t painfully recount past relationships. Focus on the present and what you’re passionate about right now. Think of something you’d love to do – an upcoming show, hiking, museum event, etc and invite her out. Making concrete plans is the only way things will progress.

You can’t be afraid of flirting, either. The only way she’s going to think of you in that way is through sexual tension and chemistry. Start teasing more, have a playful attitude, and don’t hesitate to have physical contact. She has to warm up to the idea of being close to you and it’s your job to make her feel comfortable and sexy at the same time.

Drop any sense of entitlement in dating. Getting what you want romantically is like going after anything else you want in life. You need dedication, creativity, and initiative to outshine the competition. Work for it. She’s worth it.