Learn the Art of Charisma and Become Truly Magnetic

September 19th, 2016 by Nick Notas 0 Comments

Conquer Charisma November 2016


Last week, I wrote about the incredible success men experienced at my confidence retreat.

Many of you requested a future retreat that focused on charisma — arguably the best social skill a man can have. So let me ask you this…

What if you could create deep connections with strangers in minutes? How could that expand your social circle or advance your career?

Picture yourself attracting women effortlessly and immediately, always knowing what to say. No more chasing women for a date because they’re already so interested in YOU.

Let’s make that happen. I want to help you create a thriving life with an abundance of connections and free of social anxiety.

Jason Connell (the world-renowned speaker who wrote this awesome guest post on charisma) and I are proud to announce Conquer Charisma.

This is a 3-day retreat where we’ll teach you how to draw people in with engaging conversations and a magnetic presence. We’ll provide real-world social practice to overcome anxieties and cultivate irresistible charisma to charm anyone.

Join 10 like-minded men this November 11-13 in the heart of downtown Austin, Texas in a luxury condo.

Click here for more info and apply now.


Never Blow A First Date Again.