How Sounding Silly Made Me Sound Sexy

Roger Love Perfect Voice

Note: This is my unbiased review of Roger Love’s The Perfect Voice. It is an audio system focused on making you sound charismatic, confident, and sexy.

There I was driving to work and belting out,

“Goog goog goog goog GOOG!”

I couldn’t help but laugh at how ridiculous this all seemed. How was sounding like a baby supposed to help me get a more attractive voice?

I was listening to a vocal warm-up CD by world-renowned vocal coach Roger Love. It was supposed to expand my vocal range and make my voice more powerful.

I had never been confident about the way I sounded. I was always one of the shortest kids in school and had a light voice to go with it. It was a huge source of discomfort for me — especially since it often became the focus when people picked on me.

And now I was all alone and making silly noises to myself. It felt awkward and I was definitely skeptical. At that point though, I was desperate to make myself more charismatic and charming to meet women. So I stuck with it for a couple weeks while driving to my job.

In a few days, I noticed how much easier it was to project my voice. I sounded stronger, fuller, and more self-assured.

More importantly, I saw how differently people started reacting to me. I was always the “young kid” at work and not taken as seriously as I’d wanted. Almost immediately, one of my bosses pulled me aside and told me I sounded more mature and confident. They began bringing me into more meetings with higher-ups and eventually put me in a client facing sales position.

Women also began responding much more positively to me. Instead of just acting politely engaged, they were facing me directly, holding eye contact, and showing more sparks of attraction. I was showing my viability as a romantic partner and commanding respect simply by changing the way I sounded.

Since then, I’ve become a firm believer in the power of non-verbal communication and have sung the praises of the importance in improving your voice. So many guys worry about what to say to someone new when how you say it is so much more critical. A sexy voice makes a sexy man.

And to learn something like that, reading a book isn’t enough — you need to hear audio examples and practice them to get the most out of it. That’s why Roger Love’s programs work so well, and why they’ve completely transformed the way I talk.

What I liked

Smooth talker

Tons of exercises. It’s damn near impossible to understand the nuances of vocal training by only reading theory. In the audio program, there are practice exercises to learn how to breathe from your diaphragm, find your three types of voices, control your larynx, and develop your personal sound with a daily warm-up CD.

Tailored to specific situations. Roger understands that certain situations require a certain voice. You wouldn’t necessarily speak to your boss in the same kind of voice you’d use to flirt with a woman. Roger doesn’t just try to make you talk one specific way, but shows you how to use your different ranges to your advantage depending on your goals.

Very little fluff. So many programs spend time spouting generic, basic advice and treat you like a child. Or they try to convince you why you need this even though you’ve already purchased the product. Roger does a great job of explaining concepts using engaging metaphors or real world examples without babying you. And outside of his introduction, the entire program is all practical advice.

Pitfalls and common mistakes to avoid. The CDs not only teach you what to do right, they show you the common ways people speak incorrectly and the bad habits they’ve formed. This helps you better recognize your own faults so you can start changing them.

Tying into physiology. Roger is conscious of how body language not only affects the way we sound but how people perceive us. He discusses proper gesturing while talking and standing correctly for maximum vocal output. He also goes through mouth positioning and how it distorts our voice and influences our accent. This is especially important for guys who want to lessen their accent and sound more clear.

Roger’s passion. At first, Roger may sound a bit overenthusiastic while telling you to do some funny-sounding exercises. But stick with it because his genuine enthusiasm, sense of humor, and storytelling skills keeps you engaged throughout the entire program.

What you’ll learn

The Perfect Voice will teach you how to…

  • Project your voice with ease to command attention
  • Stop struggling to be heard in any environment
  • Cultivate a deeper, more seductive sound that attracts women
  • Make powerful first impressions through confident speech
  • Never sound shy, weak, or boring again
  • Build an engaging, dynamic vocal range that draws people in
  • Gain control of your accent to sound more clear and understandable
  • Sound more mature and confident at work to get more promotions
  • Become more confident by being proud of your new, masculine voice

Roger has worked with countless celebrities like Tony Robbins, John Mayer, Eminem, Will Ferrell, Billy Idol, James Maynard Keenan (of the band Tool), and Jeff Bridges. He’s coached thousands of people and has spoken to hundreds of leaders at Harvard University. He personally impacted my life and I’m still using his techniques to this day — especially for my upcoming podcast. And plans are in the works to have him on as one of my first guests.

Roger Love is arguably the top vocal coach in the world and I’m confident his advice will be indispensable to you. For $97, the audio program is a steal and you will get 10 times the value back in your own life.

Click here to get Roger Love’s The Perfect Voice Audio System.