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A Forum for Gladiators, Not Spectators

March 25th, 2014 by Nick Notas 3 Comments

Gladiator Weapons

I got into self-improvement and learning to be a more attractive person seven years ago. 

Unfortunately, none of my friends joined in.

Some of them were skeptical. They thought it was a waste of time or that it couldn’t be studied. Others didn’t have the courage to put themselves out there and socialize regularly. 

If it weren’t for some guys I met through online forums, I wouldn’t be The Dating Specialist today. 

We motivated each other to meet and connect with new people. We could talk about our struggles and ask for guidance without shame because we were growing together. Most importantly, we held each other accountable to make small changes every day. 

When I started this blog, my goal was to educate and inspire people to achieve success in their own lives. That said, many of you tell me you wish you had more friends you could turn to regarding all this. I understand that everyone doesn’t have the money to work with me directly — and that’s okay.

So I’ve been working hard to design a community where my readers can encourage each other to get started, ask questions about their situations, share their stories, and make progress towards real-world goals. I want this community to stimulate MORE action and LESS overthinking.

But I really need your help to maintain this as a thriving, valuable resource.

Everyone has told me the only way to build an online community is to fake it. That I have to create dozens of false accounts and questions to get the ball rolling. I don’t want to do that and I would rather not have a forum if it starts that way.

What I’m asking is for you to be vulnerable. I know how tough it is to reach out and post your personal experiences – even anonymously. But the key to confidence is vulnerability and you can begin with this small first step here.

If you’ve read my articles and want to make strides with similar minded people, take a couple minutes to sign up. It’s completely anonymous and free.

Then post something. Anything at all – whether it’s to ask for help or to give some. I’ll be in the arena there to support you.

Join the forum here

  1. Iris Kohler on March 25, 2014

    I arrived for the first time on your dating blog today, you just got yourself a reader!

    • Nick Notas on March 25, 2014

      Yay, welcome Iris! Feel free to contribute something to the forum when you get a chance — we’re here to help.

  2. Don on March 25, 2014

    I never heard that you have to “fake it to make it” when it comes to creating a forum. I just figured they started out slowly and then slowly built up. Anyways, I’m going to sign up right after posting this. Looking forward to interacting with others.


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