5 Blogs to Develop Your Manly Skills

A big part of being successful in dating is building an attractive lifestyle. Becoming a well-rounded man with many skills is not only interesting, but useful, too.  Refining your abilities helps you discover new passions and understand your areas for improvement.

I love blogs because I feel like you can connect with the author without a filter. No editor, publisher, or third party interfering with what they have to say. The thoughts of people we admire are now just a click away.

Below are some of my favorite blogs for self-improvement and getting to the roots of being a man.

Strong Lifts

If you’ve ever considered getting into serious shape, Stronglifts is an amazing program. It focuses on compound exercises (five total, three per workout) that work every muscle in your body. They have step-by-step instructions for each exercise to make sure you’re doing them with correct form. There’s also an active forum where you can learn everything about strength training (although now temporarily closed for new sign-ups).

Art of Manliness

The ultimate site dedicated to teaching you the fine art of being a man. Be a true gentleman with advice on old school shaving, boxing techniques, and proper etiquette of a dinner date. Married couple Brett and Kate McKay write to bring class and sophistication back to the modern man.

Zen Habits

Live life more simply and efficiently. Discover how to be more productive by eliminating distractions and making wise decisions. Leo Babauta is the sole contributor and touches on topics like fitness, motivation, and overall happiness.

Seth Godin

The mastermind of marketing. Seth has revolutionized the business world while providing inspiration for everyday life. Each post, no matter how short, is chock-full of profound observations that make you feel like you can change the world. I dare you to read this and not want to get up and accomplish something.

Also, this is one of my favorites: Art is what we call…


Building stuff from scratch is a right of passage for a man. Almost every guy I know grew up playing with LEGOs or some similar toy — myself included. With Instructables, they teach you how to construct things like a homemade longboard, bacon cheesecake, and even chainmail armor out of soda cans. They have thousands of different ideas and I guarantee there’s at least one thing you’ll want to create.

Similar sites: Hack A Day (Tech / Gadget Focused) | Make Magazine