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12 Products That Make Me Feel Attractive

September 25th, 2012 by Nick Notas 2 Comments

Barbasol Vintage AD

I enjoy sharing my weekly deep thoughts with you guys on this blog. But that doesn’t mean I forget about the basics that add value to my daily life. Whether they make things easier or keep me looking attractive, I rely on these products to make me the man that I am.

    1. Wally Garment Bag – There’s no use in having nice clothes if you can’t take them anywhere. For any kind of travel, my garment bag is a must. It keeps my clothes fresh and pressed. Take care of your clothes and they’ll keep you looking sharp.
    2. Vibram Fivefingers KSO Black Shoes – After reading the book Born to Run and learning that most people run incorrectly, I immediately bought a pair of these “toe shoes”. They feel amazing to run outdoors in and have been a major contributor in getting and keeping me in shape.
    3. Tweezerman Tweezers – I’m Greek…which means I’m no stranger to dark, robust eyebrows. While many women love them, I have to keep them in check and get rid of my unibrow. It’s subtle but that connecting hair ridge can make or break your interaction. Tweezerman are sharp, affordable, and have a lifetime warranty.

  1. Merkur Safety Razor – I, too, fell for the “17 blades for the closest shave!” marketing. In reality, a nice safety or straight razor not only provides as good of a shave, but better. It takes a little bit of getting used to but you’ll consistently have a closer cut and less irritation. And your new razor wouldn’t be complete without…
  2. A Grown Up Shaving Kit – Make and apply your homemade pre-shave oil. Buy some nice shaving cream (no Barbosol, try Taylor of Old Bond Street or Jack Black). Get a badger brush to lather and use that cream. Then finish your routine with Proraso or Jack Black aftershave.

    If that seems excessive, it’s not. You’ll have smooth skin, less ingrown hairs, and no red bumps. Women look at your face when talking to you, so be at your most attractive.

  3. Acuvue Advanced Plus Contacts – I had glasses for 7 years and I would never go back to them full-time. Contacts are much less of a hassle and are easier to use than you think (after two weeks of practicing you’ll be a pro). I agree some people look great in glasses but others look their best without them – I’m in the latter category. These two week gel disposables are soft enough even on the most sensitive of eyes.
  4. Ozium Air Sanitizer – Most air sprays only mask smells, Ozium obliterates them. People don’t know about this because it’s used in hospitals and commercial settings. The last thing you want is a girl coming over to a place that reeks. Right after you clean up, spray a single spritz in each room that needs freshening.
  5. Badger Vanilla Coconut Oil – I get dry hands in the New England cold and coconut oil is my best friend. You also don’t want to touch a girl with rough hands, trust me. This is an organic wonder — excellent skin moisturizer, massage oil, and all-around sexual lubricant.
  6. A Dark Pair of Levi 514 Slim Jeans – For their price, it’s hard to find a higher quality, more stylish, and affordable pair of jeans. They’re always a classic and a solid buy, especially as a starter or everyday jean. There are tons of different cuts as well but this is one of my favorite slim and not too skinny fits.
  7. Chrome By Azzaro Cologne – One of my signature scents, masculine and fresh. Find a cologne that works with your natural smell. Ask the department store employees to help you out, that’s how I discovered this one. I strongly discourage spray Axe or similar products. Remember, one and maybe two spritzes are enough (usually one on neck, another on wrists, and then rub behind ears).
  8. A Complete Shoe Care Kit – A pair of black and a pair of brown dress shoes should be in every man’s wardrobe. And if you’re going to pay for nice shoes (like Allen Edmonds), you better treat them well. Start by getting shoe trees. I thought they were a waste but after using them consistently, I’m sold. They keep your shoes in perfect shape and absorb all the excess moisture, ensuring the leather stays supple and in prime condition.

    Buy some Meltonian shoe cream and/or polish. I prefer cream as it soaks into the leather, treating the material and giving a subtle finish. Polish will stay on top of the leather until removed and provide more shine. Apply to the shoe with a soft cloth and then buff afterwards with a horsehair brush. A little extra effort will make your shoes look brand new and last for years to come.

  9. Iron Gym Pull Up Bar ­– I’ve recommended this before and it deserves to be said again. Pull-ups (and all their variations) are some of the best exercises for your body — period. Put this in a doorway you commonly use and make a rule to do a set every time you enter the room. You’ll develop your back and confident body language simultaneously.

What items do you depend on for looking and feeling most attractive?

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  1. Lennier on September 26, 2012

    Superb list. Gonna add these to my list next month for sure. The pair of Levi look killer.


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