11 Reddit Communities to Date Smarter

If you don’t know what Reddit is yet, you should take time to check it out. It’s been one of my favorite and most visited sites for years and with good reason.

Reddit is a social news and discussion site where users submit Internet content and create forum topics. Others can comment on those submissions and converse back and forth. Every story and comment has an up/down voting system which makes it easy to see the highest-rated posts and responses.

What makes Reddit special is the individual communities called “sub-reddits.” Since the site has grown a tremendous amount (53rd most popular in the US) there are thousands of different sections — politics, technology, music, comics, movies, photography, sports, and yes, even Pokemon.

Today I want to share some communities that have helped me in my own dating life in hopes they can help you, too.

Dating Advice

Ask questions and get real answers on anything related to dating. Everyone is genuinely supportive and the members provide great advice. Experience is the best teacher.

Other suggestions: Relationships, Break-Ups


An excellent resource for everything about sex and how to be a passionate lover. Take a look at the well-written FAQ for tons of information.

Male Fashion Advice

Want to become more stylish and attractive? This is the place for you. I’ve used so many tips from here instantly made me look better and taught me to be fashionable.


Get in shape and feel more confident about yourself. The amount of material here is mind-boggling and you can find exactly what works for you. If you don’t know where to begin, they have a wonderful and thorough FAQ for guidance.

Other suggestions: LoseIt (Weight Loss)


I can’t tell you how much this sub-reddit has influenced my love for cooking. Preparing a delicious meal is one of the best ways to impress a woman. Whether it’s a quick and tasty dinner or an elegant dessert, they’ve got it all.

Other suggestions: Recipes, Food

Get Motivated

Finally, sometimes we just need a good kick in the ass to get started. Here you’ll discover a collection of everything motivational to set you on the right path.

Always be on the look out for ways to improve yourself and your dating life. There’s much more to dating than just being smooth and a good kisser. It’s about having a cultured and interesting lifestyle that a woman will want to be a part of.