Are You Self-Sabotaging By Asking “What If”?

March 17th, 2014 by Nick Notas 8 Comments

What If Sabotage

Overthinking can paralyze us. Before we’ve even set out to do something, we’re already imagining countless different scenarios in our head.

This usually plays out with a series of internal “what if” questions…

“What if I fail? What if I look stupid? What if people judge me?”

We envision the worst outcomes possible. We terrify ourselves from taking action.

When you believe an experience is going to be negative, you’re likely to avoid that experience.

You’re setting yourself up to fail. And it’s because you’re asking the wrong questions. How we talk to ourselves has a powerful impact on reality.

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Real-World Proof That Meeting Women is Easy

March 6th, 2014 by Nick Notas 19 Comments

Bill and Teds Excellent Adventure

Meet Bill and Ted. 

No, not the zany duo who went on an excellent adventure in ’89. These are two recent clients who had excellent adventures of their own.

Bill is a strong-voiced engineer in his early 30s. Ted is a soft-spoken musician in his early 20s.

You couldn’t ask for two more different personalities in different stages of their life. But both of them had something in common…

They both came to me looking to meet women during their daily life in Boston. They had no previous experience with this and were skeptical that it was even possible.

By the end of their first sessions, Bill and Ted got the proof they needed to believe meeting women is easy. And they gained some valuable lessons along the journey as well.

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Do Women See You as a Leader?

February 25th, 2014 by Nick Notas 13 Comments

Marlon Brando Guys and Dolls

Can anyone deny that leadership is one of the most attractive qualities? Strong individuals have the power to charm and influence millions.

Wael Ghoniman started an Egyptian revolution, Steve Jobs created a cult of technology (which I’m happily part of), and even Stanley Milgram convinced people to electrocute test subjects to death.

It’s human nature to respect and respond to authority.

Thankfully, in dating we don’t have to go to those extremes. We just need to understand what makes a great leader and apply that to turn a girl we like into a girl we’re intimate with.

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The Journey to Dating Success

February 18th, 2014 by Will Legend 6 Comments

The Journey

There’s no such thing as an overnight success. It’s a big myth. And anyone who tells you otherwise is delusional.

Consider FedEx. You’ve probably heard of them.

In 1965, Fred Smith came up with a concept for an express delivery system while studying at Yale, and in 1971, he founded FedEx. The company started operations in 1973, and during the first 26 months of operations, lost nearly $30 million. One night, after being turned down for capital, Fred impulsively flew to Vegas and won $27,000 playing blackjack, which he used to meet payroll the following Monday.

The company was losing a million dollars a month, yet they continued to grind it out. In 1978, they became a publicly traded company, and in 1983, revenues topped over $1 billion. And in 2013, revenues totaled nearly $45 billion!

This article isn’t a history lesson about one of the most successful delivery services in the world. The point of the FedEx story is that it takes time – often years and years – to find success. This applies to all of life’s endeavors. And this absolutely applies when it comes to getting better with women.

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17 Tips to Mastering Conversation With New People

February 13th, 2014 by Nick Notas 15 Comments

People chillin'How many times have you avoided talking to someone new because you were afraid that:

  • You wouldn’t know what to say.
  • You would eventually run out of things to talk about.
  • Conversation would be boring or awkward.

That kind of self-doubt can be paralyzing. But you’re not alone.

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Is Your Insecurity Turning People Off?

February 7th, 2014 by Sean Cooper 14 Comments

Shy Ronnie

This is a guest post by Sean Cooper. Sign up for his newsletter and download his free report “3 Simple Steps To Overcoming Shyness Around Girls.”

One of the most frustrating things when I had really bad social anxiety was feeling like people didn’t like me.

Why did I feel this way?

Well, others never made an effort to come talk to me, be friends with me, or invite me out to do things.

At the end of class, for example, everyone would start talking to each other in groups and I would always be the one left sitting alone.

And whenever I went to go talk to them, it seemed like they didn’t truly enjoy my company. Sometimes I felt like I was annoying them. Other times I felt like they were just talking to me out of pity. And on my worst days I truly started to believe that most people hated me.

Yes, I know this is a depressing way to start off, but maybe you can relate…

The idea I’ll share in this article is why your insecurity is turning people off without you realizing it. I’ll also show you how a simple tweak to the way you approach social situations can make you stop feeling nervous and shy when meeting new people.

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How to Have Phone Sex That Leads to Real Sex

February 4th, 2014 by Nick Notas 5 Comments

Phone Sex Woman

I have a secret to admit…

I’ve had phone sex with a lot of women.

Since I was a teenager, it’s been with girls that:

  • I barely knew from class or through friends.
  • I had just met and gotten their phone number.
  • I went on a first or second date with.
  • I met on AOL chatrooms or through online video games.

But maybe the bigger secret is…

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7 Excuses Women Make to Stay With the Wrong Guy

January 24th, 2014 by Nick Notas 6 Comments

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

I know. Everyone from your parents to your friends has passed judgment on who you should date.

So who am I, a stranger, to tell you about your man?

Well unlike everyone else, I’m not going to give you a list of arbitrary guidelines. What matters most is that he’s not an asshole to you.

I understand that this isn’t novel advice. You’ve heard it before. But the problem is that people seem to misunderstand what it really means.

It has nothing to do what he looks like, what he does for a living, his race, or anything superficial. He could be covered in tattoos and dress gangster for all I care.

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3 Toxic Dating Habits Most Guys Think Are Normal

January 22nd, 2014 by Max Nachamkin 18 Comments

Toxic Gas Mask

This is a guest post by Max Nachamkin, the CEO of Inner Gladiator and Creator of Initiation: The Official Dating Course for Good Guys.

When I first started learning how to talk to women, I messed up. A lot.

I said the wrong things and I made a fool of myself. I over-analyzed every situation and it drove me nuts.

“What’s the best way to get her number?”

“How do I get her to like me?”

“Am I coming off as a creepy?”

And while I was going through this stage in my life, something else was going on too:

I was learning.

I started putting myself out there.

I tried everything I could while I discovered how to flirt, enjoy the presence of women, and make them feel amazing.

During all of it, I came to a big realization about dating:

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7 Reasons Why Meeting Women During the Day is So Damn Easy

January 15th, 2014 by Nick Notas 20 Comments

Ripper Street Flirting

“You’re ready to do your first full approach. See anyone you like?”

“Well, there was this cute girl who worked at Teavana.”

“Great, let’s go talk to her.”

I spent Sunday afternoon with a new client overcoming his approach anxiety. We practiced greeting girls, giving genuine compliments while passing by, and asking for gift recommendations.

But this was the first girl he’d ever talked to with the intention of getting a date.

His nerves came on strong as we walked into the store. It was quiet and there were three other employees near her.

I tried to get him to move a few times but he was frozen. I looked him and said, “No matter what happens, you’ll be happy you did it.”

“You really think so?”


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