Why You Need to Make a Move or Move On

April 14th, 2016 by Nick Notas 10 Comments

How to make a move

Is there a girl you like that you’re just dying to know if she likes you back? Have you hung out with her time and time again but things are still ambiguous?

Do you rack your brain with never-ending questions such as, “Does she like me?”, “Does she see me as just a friend?”, or “Could she still like me after all this time?”

That uncertainty is a terrible feeling, isn’t it?

You’re not alone. In all my years of work, this may be the most common situation men tell me about.

They’re frustrated and feel stuck in limbo. They get tunnel vision and become obsessed with one girl. They can’t focus on other eligible women.

These men detail their entire history with their romantic interest to me and ask, “Nick, what do I do? How do I find out how she really feels?”

Regardless of their situation, my answer is always the same. I’m here to tell you what I tell them…

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Why Porn Haters Have It All Wrong

April 7th, 2016 by Nick Notas 14 Comments

Few causes have such passionate followers as the anti-porn movement. With the recent Time Magazine cover, everyone seems to be calling for the destruction of pornography.

Advocates of this idea are often preach that “porn is evil”. And anyone who doesn’t agree is misinformed, misguided, and perhaps…misogynistic. If you even casually watch porn, you have a problem and you probably objectify women.

These aren’t conspiracy theorists spewing crazy ideas though. Recent research reveals that porn can negatively affect our mind, our relationships, and our social views. But…so can a lot of other awesome things.

Some of life’s greatest pleasures aren’t necessarily “good” for us and we indulge anyway. We take calculated risks. We weigh the costs and benefits. And some of us can indulge while remaining healthy, responsible, and better for it.

The notion that all porn is evil is irrational and diminishes the importance of how we should be dealing with the ever-growing abundance of porn in a healthy way. Because…

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Launch Your Social Life Using The Butterfly Effect

March 31st, 2016 by Julian Reisinger 8 Comments

This is a guest post by Julian Reisinger , co-founder of LovelifeSolved.com.

In 1961, MIT meteorologist Edward Lorenz was working on a mathematical model to describe how air moves around in the atmosphere. But soon, he discovered that the weather didn’t always behave as predicted. Small events, like a butterfly flapping its wings in the Amazon, could set off a chain reaction and theoretically build up to a Hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico. This phenomenon later came to be known as the butterfly effect.

But the butterfly effect has many more applications than meteorology. Seemingly tiny decisions in your own life can have huge effects on your career, circle of friends, and romantic connections. And it’s important to harness this power to trigger positive ripple effects instead of negative ones.

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How Sounding Silly Made Me Sound Sexy

March 24th, 2016 by Nick Notas 3 Comments

Roger Love Perfect Voice

Note: This is my unbiased review of Roger Love’s The Perfect Voice. It is an audio system focused on making you sound charismatic, confident, and sexy.

There I was driving to work and belting out,

“Goog goog goog goog GOOG!”

I couldn’t help but laugh at how ridiculous this all seemed. How was sounding like a baby supposed to help me get a more attractive voice?

I was listening to a vocal warm-up CD by world-renowned vocal coach Roger Love. It was supposed to expand my vocal range and make my voice more powerful.

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How to Lead Women Without Being Controlling

March 17th, 2016 by Nick Notas 21 Comments

Healthy Leading

A lot of men are constantly worried about upsetting a girl. They’re terrified that if they create any kind of tension — they’re going to lose their opportunity with her.


They avoid all conflict. They don’t speak up for themselves. And they don’t ever lead. They think that leading is going to come off as controlling.

These guys end up being too passive and safe. They count on women to make all the decisions in their relationships. And the whole time they believe they’re being the perfect nice guy that women want.

But without that leadership, they lose some of the greatest qualities which make a man attractive. They lose the respect that leadership commands. They don’t embody the strength that leaders do. They don’t give women the sense of security they get from a man who knows what he wants.

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Why You’re Pursuing Happiness All Wrong

March 2nd, 2016 by Nick Notas 18 Comments

I was sitting around the table with a bunch of people who had “made it”. They were experts in their respective fields, six-figure earners, and successful entrepreneurs who’d worked with famous celebrities and politicians. By all accounts, they were the kind of people that so many of us can’t help but envy.

As the night went on, however, a different story unfolded. Thanks to some interesting question cards, we all started to reveal a similar journey we were going through.

We all spent years pursuing what we believed would make us happy — money, status, influence, women. All of us achieved those goals and then realized, “Now what?”

We weren’t suddenly happier. In fact, some of us were left unfulfilled and disappointed. We’d invested energy, time, and emotion chasing our dreams — often at the expense of personal values and relationships. We didn’t take for granted what we had, but we also were forced to see that those accomplishments didn’t provide lasting fulfillment.

And because of this, we were all starting to discover what made us really happy in life. Things like…

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Why Your Sexual Inexperience Isn’t a Problem

February 18th, 2016 by Nick Notas 11 Comments

Natural olive oil labe

A lot of guys determine their worth based on how many women they’ve slept with.

It shouldn’t be that way, but it is.

So naturally, guys who are less sexually experienced feel inferior. They’re ashamed because they aren’t “man enough”.

This shame prevents them from getting out there and gaining more experience. And as they get older, they only feel worse about themselves and become even more paralyzed.

These guys create a self-fulfilling prophecy which seems impossible to escape from.

Well I’m here to tell you that your sexual inexperience isn’t the problem…you are.

I’ve helped a tremendous amount of men in their 20s, 30s, and 40s break free from their self-imposed limitations to have the sex life they want. I want to do the same for you by showing you that this isn’t the big deal that you’re making it out to be.

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Are You as Honest as You Think You Are?

February 10th, 2016 by Nick Notas 9 Comments

Ooohh liar liar!


The other day, a friend was telling me about some of his wild romantic experiences. A few minutes later, he turned to me and said, “Actually, I’ve got to get something off my chest. Those crazy same-night sex stories I told you about…it only happened once.”

That shocked me. How many guys downplay their sexual ability…especially to other guys?

I told him I appreciated him telling me the truth. He replied, “Yeah, this year I decided to commit to being authentic in every part of my life. It’s helped me build better friendships, repair bad relationships, and love myself more than ever before.”

When we think about being an honest person, we focus on not bullshitting people. While that’s important, a commitment to authenticity goes much deeper than that.

It’s not only about speaking the truth to others, but being true to ourselves.

It’s about owning our feelings and intentions. It’s about embracing our values, wants, and desires. It’s about making healthy connections with the right people. It’s about accepting who we are and who we aren’t.

And authenticity is a daily, conscious practice until it becomes a way of life. It takes trial, error, and self-discovery.

But why should you care? What’s in it for you?

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How to Meet and Attract Women in Foreign Countries

January 26th, 2016 by David Perrotta 17 Comments

Dating and attracting foreign women

This is a guest post by Dave Perrotta, the founder of PostGradCasanova.com.

I’ve been lucky enough to live in four different countries and travel to several more.

(Vietnam, Colombia, Spain, and of course, the USA.)

These adventures have led to new friends, great business opportunities, and fresh perspectives.

But one of the most interesting aspects of it all has been dating foreign women.

For me, it’s an exciting way to experience and learn a new culture. Plus, it’s given me some unforgettable memories.

A word of warning: meeting and attracting foreign women isn’t always as easy as people would have you believe. You need to keep an open mind, be patient, and sometimes take a different approach than what you’re used to.

But if you can figure it out, you’re in for some amazing travel experiences.

I’ve condensed what I’ve learned into a few basic guidelines. Whether you’re traveling through for a short time, or moving to a foreign country indefinitely, these guidelines will help you have more dating success.

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Embrace Curiosity and Connect With More People

January 20th, 2016 by Nick Notas 6 Comments

Be Curious


Over the last few years, my fiancée and I have met a lot of new people. And we’re genuinely curious and love discovering what makes people special.

After hanging out with new friends, we almost always enjoy talking about the cool things we learned from them.

“Tom has been working hard on his PhD in Neuroscience. His research on how drugs affect our brain chemistry is fascinating.” “Jamie just came back from Spain and told me about running with the bulls.” “Nicole and Austin told me about their dreams of opening up a progressive day care.”

Eventually, we both end up wondering, “Hey, did anyone ask us about us?”

Sadly, the answer is often…not really.

Now I don’t think that these people meant to ignore our good stories, but it does say something about how essential curiosity is to conversation. I’m experienced in asking probing questions that spur people to tell personal stories. Other people don’t always know how to do that.

What’s important to me is finding out who’s willing to invest back in me, and who’s worth building a stronger friendship with. Because when someone is curious to know more about your life, it shows that…

They care.

Showing a person that you give a shit about them is crucial to gaining their trust and interest. Being truly curious makes you stand out from the rest of the superficial crowd.

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